Dustin Hoffman’s Captain Hook Handlebar Mustache

Photo of Captain Hook handlebar mustache.

Captain Hook is an iconic pirate captain of the Peter Pan story. In 1991, Dustin Hoffman portrayed the character well in the movie, Hook. To build an impression of a villain captain who has a dominion over the sea, he wore a handlebar mustache. It is a classic ‘stache style that can make you stand out from the crowd in today’s shaving culture. It is also an easy to style mustache that requires very little product for hold.

If you want to get the handlebar mustache like Capt. Hook, you need to grow your mustache out. How long it takes to grow the handlebar? Each man has his own growth rate. But, you can expect to get the proper length in two till three months.

The longer you grow, the better result you will achieve. Meanwhile, don’t trim your ‘stache, especially at the sides of it. You need the sides to be curled later. If you really need to reduce the length, trim it a little bit only on the upper lip. To keep it out of your mouth, part it in the center and comb it from the center out to the each side.

There is also a specific comb (called mustache comb) to do it easily. It has smaller size than a regular hair comb. When growing your mustache out, keep it healthy and stimulated by reducing stress and eating some protein-rich foods.

When you get the proper length of your mustache, then you are ready to style it. Before you do the style, wash your mustache to remove any dirt. Rub a small amount of mustache wax [you can also use a strong hold hair wax] with your fingers and run it through your ‘stache from the center to the tips at the sides.

Comb your mustache evenly to distribute the wax. Finally, use your thumb and forefinger to twist the tips up and shape the curls.

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  1. Nice. Always love a good instructional on waxing! I personally use and love “Dandy Candy Moustache Trainer”! Great hold and it’s organic and conditioning too! oh and i should mention it’s bay rum scented so you can even smell like ol captian hook! thanks for the article matey!


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