Antonio Nocerino Spiky Hairstyles

The Antonio Nocerino hairstyle is attached to the game of soccer. The player is noted for his activities in the Italian football teams. He plays both for the Milan team and the Italian National team. His position is midfield. The player has short spiky hair and full facial hair, also very short. Here is more information about the distinctive look of this athlete.

The player’s facial hair is quite short, but closely follows the shape of his face. Because the beard is heavy, he appears much more swarthy than clean cut. He also has dark growth on his upper lip. In neither case is the hair long enough to be called a mustache, or a beard, but it is longer than just a day off from shaving.

Photo of Antonio Nocerino Hairstyle.
Antonio Nocerino Hairstyle.

Picture of Antonio Nocerino spiky hair.
Antonio Nocerino spiky hair.

On his head, the hairs are longer. In front, on the top of his head, the hairs are about 2-3 inches long. His hair is brought up and slightly to the right on top of his head. Farther back, toward the crown of the head, the strands are more defiantly spiked. They almost form a sunburst of spikes.

Antonio Nocerino hair - side view.
The side view of Antonio Nocerino hair.

The sides and back of the design are quite short, approximately the same length as the facial hair, or perhaps a bit longer. The hairstyle is suitable for this athletic player. It requires some serious hold to create and maintain the spikes. But otherwise the style is not difficult to construct.

The Antonio Nocerino hairstyle is a little more complicated than that of some of the other well-known athletes, but still can be maintained with regular trims to corral the length. Daily, styling gel or similar products are required to spike the strands. This is a design that is edgy enough for most young men regardless of hair color or type. It would go easily from playing field to classroom to office job.

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