Shavo Odadjian Beard

The Shavo Odadjian beard is one of the major things that people remember about him, even though he has many other characteristics that are notable. The Armenian American bassist, music writer, video producer, and artist also plays other musical instruments. He was born in 1974 in what was part of the Soviet Union and is known for his participation in System of A Down.

He has been active in the music industry since 1993. His musical genres include hip-hop, alternative rock, art rock, alternative metal, experimental and heavy metal. In addition to System of A Down, he is responsible for many of the songs for the film Babylon A. D. In collaboration with Wu Tang Clan, founder of a group called Achozen. He also scored the epic movie.

Photo of Shavo Odadjian beard.
Shavo Odadjian beard.

The remarkable facial hairstyle reaches to the mid-chest of the artist. The longest strands are confined at intervals of about one-inch with tight bands of narrow diameter. These strands of facial hair come from about a two-inch diameter area just below the jut of his chin. The area below the lower lip appears to be shorter hair which is quite bushy.

His face is clean-shaven except for the area of his chin and below the chin. The width of this patch of facial hair is less than the width of his mouth and is combed straight down, although with enough fullness that it doesn’t appear thin. His facial hair and long beard is a reddish or sandy brown in color and is rubber banded.

Photo of Shavo Odadjian beard style.
Shavo Odadjian beard style. Photo via Tumblr.

Because of grooming and arrangement of his facial hair, the Shavo Odadjian beard makes him appear quite oriental. In part, this sense may be because there is no other visible hair. His head shows no hair, although it is probably shaved. When in concert, fans focus less on appearance, even such a distinctive one, than on his ability to play and sing.

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