Tips For Carrying A Shaving Brush While Traveling

Some men savor the luxury of traveling with their favorite shaving brush. This way they get to have an enjoyable shave while on the move. Here are some useful tips on how to carry your brush for shaving without other inconveniences such as wet clothing.

While there are certain types of shaving brushes that are customized to suit your traveling needs, they tend to be expensive and do not have the same luxurious feel you would get from having your own shaving brush with you.

Photo of shaving brush holder.
Muhle Pinsel Round Shave Brush Travel Holder

This is why you should prefer to carry the holder with you when traveling. Especially when carrying a larger brush. It is a great tool to keep their expensive shave brush in pristine condition at all times.

This handy shave brush holder is super convenient as you simply whip out your brush for shaving when needed most. The beauty of it is that you can travel in style with your shaving brush at your side without having to use specially made travel brushes that is simply not the same.

The shave brush holder has the following useful features:

  • The holder has just the right length at 4 inches long.
  • Ensures the perfect fit for any Badger hair travel brush.
  • At 1.5 inches it is wide enough to carry any brush for shaving.
  • Made from good quality sturdy plastic to easily hold any large shaving brush.
  • Enough space to accommodate most brushes for shaving.
  • Drainage holes at base of holder to ensure simple and effective drying.
  • Compact enough to be neatly tucked inside your shaving travel case.

By making use of the Muhle Pinsel brush travel holder you are guaranteed of a smooth shave while traveling every single time. As long as you remember to dry your shaving brush before storing it in its holder.

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