How To Sharpen Your Disposable Razor

If you are wasting a fortune on disposable razors, then there are ways in which you can sharpen your old blade. This will therefore allow you to use the same disposable razor again and again, offering a close, smooth shave each time. It will save you heaps of money on overpriced blades and will also help avoid any little cuts that we often get when we use blunt and overused razors.


Use a Pair of Blue Jeans

Yes, you read that correctly, you can sharpen a disposable razor using a pair of blue jeans. How great is that? You won’t need to spend a dime, because you are using an item that you probably already own.

You can use the jeans to sharpen your razor by simply stroking the razor blades against the blue jeans (in the opposite direction that you would shave). Do this about ten times and then repeat this another ten times in a separate area of the jeans.

It really is that simple, it’s an easy procedure that takes less than five minutes and your razor will almost feel like new again. It might not be as great as other products that you have to pay for but if you are strapped for cash, give this method a try because it is very effective.

Save A Blade

Image of Save A Blade.

This is an extremely affordable product that you can purchase from Amazon, costing under ten dollars. You will not have to buy another disposable razor for a long time because this item guarantees that you can get as many as two hundred shaves from one single blade.

It is very easy to use, you simply put your razor into the device and it sharpens any type of blade in seconds. You will get the closest shave of your life, and it will appear as if you had used a brand spanking new razor. Think of the money you will save on blades with the Save A Blade, you can’t go wrong.

Image of sharpen razor using Save A Blade.



Image of RazorPit.

This is the best investment that will allow you to use your disposable razor for a long time. It will sharpen disposable razors of all types, from the very cheap to the more expensive. It is a rubber stand, and it is used by depositing a generous amount of shaving cream/gel onto it and spreading it out evenly.

You then ‘shave’ your razor along the item (again, in the opposite direction to which you shave) several times. After you have done this, rinse your razor and the RazorPit; and the process is complete. It sharpens and cleans the razor of any pieces of hair, dirt, and grime that often get stuck in them.

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These are all great methods to sharpen your razor, allowing you to use them for many more times than you would have been able to previously.

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