Mo-Bros Unite: Preparing for Movember

It’s that time of year when men across the world start getting hairier. It used to be a bit of an odd phenomenon; clean shaven men suddenly turning up to work with beautiful moustaches. But now it’s more of a rite of passage, than anything else.

With the charity money going towards raising awareness of men’s health, it’s the one time of year when we actually have a legitimate reason not to shave and to grow out our facial hair. Movember is approaching and it’s time you started planning your moustache style. Don’t be afraid to experiment – the crazier you get, the money you raise!


Jude Law: English Gent-Mo

Photo of Jude Law with English Gent moustache.

Jude managed to encapsulate the traditional English gentleman look, when he grew one out for the latest Sherlock Holmes movies. It’s fairly simple and requires little maintenance – the perfect mo?

English Gent-Mo Tips

It’s about striking a balance; not too long, not too short. Allow the length to grow over your lip and around the sides of your mouth, but don’t let it get out of control. You can also accentuate this with a bit of facial stubble to get a more rugged look.


Tom Selleck: The Alpha-Mo

Photo of Tom Selleck with the Alpha moustache.

All men dream of the day when they can actually grow a “proper” Tom Selleck ‘stache. It’s the ultimate display of alpha masculinity, but is by no means an easy look to achieve.

Alpha-Mo Tips

It’s all about genetics. Some people can grow one and others, simply, can’t. If you are one of the lucky ones, make sure you give it time to mature and keep the rest of your face clean-shaved – this will emphasise it’s girth.


Rollie Fingers: The Handlebar-Mo

Photo of Rollie Fingers with the Handlebar moustache.

For year-round-mo-bros this is the biggest statement you can make. It takes time to grow and get the length, but also requires maintenance and products. At least, that is, if you want to achieve such handlebar greatness as Rollie Fingers.

Handlebar-Mo Tips

This is not a look you can achieve in the space of one month. You will need to grow it out for at least 3 – 4 months prior to Movember and will need to display nerves of steel not to trim it when it starts tickling your nose. Invest in some good moustache wax and you should be able to shape and control it.


Hulk Hogan: The Horseshoe

Photo of Hulk Hogan with the Horseshoe moustache.

This one’s for the fans of all things peroxide, spandex and overtly masculine. Not many of you, you say? Never fear! Hulk’s iconic bleached horseshoe has stuck faithfully by his side (or on his face) through decades of tough guy action and shows no signs of retreating just yet.

For those big-and-ugly enough to pull this look off, great respect awaits you. It combines the alphaness of an Alpha-Mo with a fist-full of biker ruggedness. This is another mo that will take time to mature and it’ll require a black-on-black Harley to really set it off.

Horseshoe-Mo Tips

Give it time to mature and make sure each side grows to the same length. Trim regularly to maintain shape and accentuate it by clean shaving the rest of your face.
Please Note: You do not have to wear bandannas to pull this look off.


Errol Flynn: The Pencil-Mo

Photo of Errol Flynn with the Pencil moustache.

Step back in time to an era inspired by Hollywood. The pencil moustache offers a sophisticated look and works well for gentlemen with fair coloured facial hair.

Pencil-Mo Tips

Grooming must be taken care of on a regular basis. Ensure that hair does not grow over the lip to get that clean edged look.


Johnny Depp: The Effortless-Mo

Photo of Johnny Depp with The Effortless moustache.

Here’s one if you’re aiming to see Movember through in a breeze of carefree style – let’s face it, we’d all like to be Johnny Depp for a day. If there’s one thing you can imitate from the man himself, it’s the art of adding a casually dishevelled touch of foliage to your face.

Mr Depp has always had that artistic air about him and his au-natural mo gives him that ‘I’m cool without even trying’ kinda’ look. It’s a really easy look to get and basically requires you to leave your mo grow without trimming.

Effortless-Mo Tips

By clean shaving the rest of your face you will ensure that you look ‘effortless’ and not ‘a mess’. There’s a fine line between looking cool without making an effort and looking like you need a wash. Be warned!


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