Proven Shaving Brush Storage Techniques That Prolong The Life Of The Brush

Image of Parker silvertip badger shaving brush.

Learning how to store shaving brush can prolong its lifetime. Shaving is an activity that is important almost to the point of being a ritual in the society. Therefore, it is important to keep the tools of shaving in clean and in mint condition to ensure the process is hygienic. You can achieve this by adapting few proven techniques.


Clean Your Brush

It is natural to wash and rinse your shaving brush after use. Therefore, it is important to know how to clean and rinse the brush after shaving. Rinse the brush gently using water and a little vinegar. A gentle massage of the bristles is important, but takes care not to mash them.

The handle collects most of the dirt that fall of during shaving; hence, it is important to keep it clean too. Also, the other thing to take into consideration is the methods of drying that you use. Avoid straining water from the brush, instead shake water lightly from it and allow it to dry naturally.

This will ensure that the bristles maintain their good quality. Always shaking excess moisture from the brush after washing it. The excess water collects at the base of the bristles damaging their anchorage to the base of the handle.


Invest in a Shaving Brush Stand

Photo of Colonel Ichabod Conk Chrome Safety Razor Stand.
Colonel Ichabod Conk Chrome Safety Razor and Brush Stand

There are several stands that are available. The stands have become pieces of art with variety of designs. For instance, the Colonel Conk chrome safety razor stand is not only for display of your brush but it is also functional. It has a fine finish that is sleek.

It allows you to store your brush facing downwards for purposes and at the same time storing the razor facing upwards. The stands must also be washed and dried every time you shave, to prevent the accumulation of dirt. Always polish it using a silk cloth to maintain its shiny finish.


Avoid Storing Your Shaving Brush in a Damp Confined Place

Storing the shaving brush in a damp state deteriorates the quality of the bristles. Also, the handle develops stains since the moisture reacts with its handle. Hence, it is important to store your shaving brush in a dry state.

Most people keep their brushes in the bathroom. This is the wrong storing place because the bathroom is usually moist. Therefore investing in a small storage shelf for your shaving brush in an open place will prolong its life.

The best drying method for the brush is air drying. If you have to travel with your shaving brush make sure it is dry before packing and better still, limit the time that the brush is in a confined place.

Take a little time and follow the techniques; and enjoy a longer use of your brush while it is still in a mint condition.

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