These 18 Asian Buzz Cuts Are Totally A Hit in 2024

Asian buzz cuts are among the top hairstyles which are taking over the hair fashion industry. Everything from a butch cut to a crew cut or an Ivy league cut gives the buzz cuts a whole new arena of fashion and styling. The Asian guys love short haircuts usually and this is why the buzz cuts are hit with them this year.


Bold Buzz Cuts for Asian Men

Well, if you love flaunting your hairstyling insight then you can go for a buzz cut to get a new haircut update. Here are 18 amazing Asian buzz haircuts that are going to rule 2021.

1. Induction Buzz Cut

Induction Buzz Cut for Asian Guys

This one of the most popular variations of a buzz cut for Asian men. The hair is trimmed so short that you can look at the scalp easily. The sides are faded high to give a more dramatic and sporty appearance. This is one of the best haircuts if you are tired of the thinness of your hair as it pretty much hides that.


2. Burr Cut

Asian Burr Cut

Now, this is what a stylish and practical Asian buzz cut looks like. There is a medium fade all over your head which is something that you can manage even on your own too. The sides are given a high fade or even a shaving to give this cut a more impressive feel. You can even have a tattoo in the sides to make this haircut look cooler.


3. Buzz Cut with Beard

Asian Buzz Cut with Low Fade

A buzz cut looks best when it is neat, doesn’t it? This one is the perfect example of neat, unique and attractive. The head has a neat low fade throughout its length while at the sides there is a high fade.

This helps you uplift your Asian charm further with a full beard if you are into beards. So, get this Asian guy’s buzz cut to look effortlessly stylish and hot all the time.


4. No Frills Cut

Asian Guy with Buzz Cut

Now, this is what qualifies as the favorite short buzz cut for Asian men. The hair has a smooth faded appearance which has a consistent length throughout. This makes it less intense and helps you come off as friendly and easily approachable. It also makes you look younger and more ready for adventure as this haircut is so easy to style on the go.


5. Crew Cut with Shaved Sides

Best Asian Buzz Cut Styles for Men

If you want something fun and lively while still keeping short Asian hair then this buzz cut alteration is for you. The hair is short on the top and gradually gets even shorter towards the sides. Then it is finally shaved at the sides to give it a clean perfection that most men love. So, get this one for your next style update to make so many more friends.


6. Butch Cut with Low Temp Fade

Asian men love highly short hair which has a stylish and cool aura about them. This one is another Asian buzz cut in which the hair has a butch cut. The sides are given a high fade and the skin underneath it is fully visible. This sharpens your features and makes you look put together all the time.


7. Receding Hairline Haircuts

Not all of us want to appear intimidating or overly intense, do we? For those who want things a little less on the intimidating side, this is the perfect Asian men’s buzz haircut.

The hair has a uniform length all over, making a smooth flat-top kind of an appearance. The sides are not shaved either which helps you pull off a lazy sexy look.


8. Long Buzz Cut

Long Buzz Cut for Asian Guys

Long Asian buzz cuts are usually all sleek and sophisticated, but they can be fun too. This is ideal for young men who do not want to come off as too serious.


9. Number 4 Buzz Cut

Asian faded Buzz Cut for Men

Now the gentlemen of this modern era need something stylish and sophisticated to distinguish them at their workplace, don’t they? This Ivy league modified crew cut is perfect for them as it has a very formal appeal.

The sides are faded well to help you stay ready all day long since you can be juggling so many tasks that you do not get to reset your hair all the time.


10. High & Tight Cut

Asian Buzz Cut with High and Tight

This buzz cut for Asian guys is the epitome of cool hair don’t care as the hair has a medium to high fade at different points. The distinct line at the side makes it so cool that you rarely have to pay attention to styling your hair.


11. Boys Buzz

Asian boy's Buzz Cut

If you know a little Asian boy who likes the style of a buzz cut but the length is a little too short for him, try going longer while maintaining the even length all around. 


12. Buzz with Fade

Asian Buzz Cut for Men

This buzz cut’s hair is all brushed forward and a fade helps with keeping it a low maintenance yet edgy style. Wear without facial hair to emphasize a strong jawline.


13. Buzz with Long Bangs

Assian buzz cut with undercut

Combine a buzz cut with a fade and long bangs for a professional cut you can wear confidently to work. Use a little hair product to shape the longest part of the cut. 


14. Buzz Cut for Thinning or Balding Men

Asian buzz cur for men with thinning crown

Older Asian men who find themselves with thinning hair or a bald spot will love how this buzz cut makes your hair’s style look purposeful, even if you’re trying everything possible to prevent hair loss!


15. Bowl Buzz

Trendy Asian Buzz Cut

The rounded shape of this Asian man’s buzz cut looks like a bowl, hence the nickname. If you have a round or fuller face, this may be a good look for you. 


16. Fohawk Buzz Cut

Asian buzz cut with mohawk

To maintain a youthful look while still looking professional, try this fohawk spin on the buzz cut. A slightly spiked textured front is very handsome and keeps the buzz from being boring. 


17. Buzz Cut for Balding Men

long buzz cut for Asian men

Do you have uneven patches of hair where it’s thinner? This Asian man’s buzz cut draws attention away from those areas so everyone is more focused on your style than thinning hair. 


18. Buzz Cut

Asian men buzz cut

A quarter of the hair on the sides of this Asian man’s buzz cut are shaved to a high fade while the rest is left one length. It’s a new way to style the fade and one that will get you noticed!


So, go ahead and try out these cool Asian buzz cuts to make everyone admire your hairstyling insight!