Best Hairstyles for Men with Chubby Round Face Shapes

#5: A Towering Quiff

Men with Quiff hair for Round Face Shape

I love a good quiff. I tell you what. Between the volume and the traditional hard part, it lengthens the appearance of your face and gives the eye another place to focus. It’s also such a dashing, laddish hairstyle that no one will be able to resist you regardless of your facial shape.



  • I have Black hair (or very very dark brown hair) and round face. i am hispanic and right now i have a Zack Efron hairstyle & i look like an idiot with it. I want something shorter but still with bangs, similar to CHase Crawfords hair. Any other ideas for hairstyles??? (nothing involving gel)

  • How about those of us older, white haired men who want to look good and trendy but not seem like trying to look like younger men? Styles that flatter but not mullets, faux hawks etc. I still have a full head of white hair and round face. No matter how I ask for a new style, I tend to end up with the same as usual. I need some creative style but age appropriate. My hair is full and is forgiving of bad cuts. I don’t want to look smarmy. I have wavy hair now, but was very curly in my youth. It seems gray hair gets coarser and less curly. Ive let grow to a medium to long length as to provide more options but I need to be more forceful with the stylist to get what I ask for, of course a good photo would help. Mature, fun, some attitude, and flattering for a round faced older man! Is it too much to ask?

  • please let me know what is my face shape,
    I think my face shape is round and what kind of hair style suites me please suggest.

  • can you suggest me a new hair styles for my round face.i have wave & round shape hairs so can you help me in that for choose the perfect hair style

  • Thanks for the down-to-earth article that includes some “regular” looking celebrities and not just Gerard Butlers. Having a round face is not necessarily the ideal type you’d pick out if you had a choice. I definitely notice that I look worse when I haven’t had a haircut in over two months and the sides are way too long. Monthly haircuts are probably best.

  • Can someone tell me how to change my face? I want it to be super square and not round. This would help a lot. Thanks

  • You know the haircut you showed about Gerard Butler is something which i am using or the past few days.. just wondering if this goes good with Hieghts as well as i a six feet.

  • cheekbone to cheekbone -15cm
    jawline -27cm
    length of face-21cm
    so does that mean i have a round face or a square one?

  • Just recognized My face shape is a round face shape. thanks for realizing myself… A very useful information about Hairstyles to Avoid..Thanks Again!!

  • A common men’s fashion mistake is to wear overly loose clothing and shy away from tighter fitting ones. Now that the summers are approaching quickly, the rising temperature is forcing all warm clothes to be shoved back in the closet. The reason for the length is so men do not get their leg hairs ripped from their leg by the board wax that most surfers use on their surf boards.

  • one thing wrong most men with “full”round faces look good with side parted formal hairstyles. unlike the guy in the picture you see.

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