14 White Boy Haircuts That’ll Take Your Breathe Away

The styling options for white boy haircuts are endless and varied. With the choices available it can be hard to know where to start when you want a new look.

If you are unsure what white boy hair design would suit you or whether a cut would work, then speak to your barber or stylist who will be able to assess your hair type and advise you accordingly.

If you play sports and like to keep it short and easy or just find the hair too much work – then this doesn’t mean that you must miss out on having a great style or trendy white boy haircut. There are a lot of easy maintenance hairstyles availabile.


Classy and Easy White Boy Haircuts

If you have some portion of skill or interest in styling your hair, then a more involved white boy hairstyle could be a good consideration for you.

Generally, more dramatic than a short cropped cut, these white boy hair designs do often involve needing a highly-skilled barber and do need to be kept on top of. Growing them out can also be a nuisance when in that in-between stage.

Here we have included a list of some of the white boy haircuts and hairstyles for those who like styled or highly styled hair:

1. Classic Taper Cut

taper cut for white boy

This cut us understandably a top choice for white boy hairstyles due to the high style and low effort involved. Generally, this haircut involves being shorter around the nape of the neck and ears and then graduates into a longer style on top. The longer portion can be styled to suit the personality of the individual.


2. Classic Short Cut

short hairstyle for white boy

Short doesn’t have to mean boring if your hair has some texture. You can jazz-it-up by using hair products or choose a blunt and very sculpted cut around the hairline to add definition. If your boy is around 13 years try these hairstyles.


3. Straight and Relaxed

white boy hairstyle

This is the perfect option for guys who like longer but very low maintenance hair. Even better if your hair is naturally straight. If it isn’t, do not fear, this white boy hairstyle could still be for you. Consider using styling products to tame any frizz and create more textured white boy haircuts.


4. White Boy’s Crew Cut

crew cut for white boy

There are always new trends in men’s fashion industry. An unending classic cut! It was originally favored by those in the army due to the low maintenance brilliance of it and it is still a great go-to ‘do for anyone who plays a lot of sport.

To achieve a crew cut you will need to have the hair all over the head cut to one length – which can be tricky – so if the crew cut white boy haircut is tempting you then this is definitely one to leave in the hands of your professional hairstylist!


5. The Butch Cut

butch cut for white boys

Very much like the style of the Buzz Cut but infinitely shorter. This is not a white boy hairstyle that needs to be done by a barber as this is less of a style and more of an extremely short cut. However, if you have a great jawline and want to enhance your eyes then the Butch Cut can do that for you.


6. The Buzz Cut

Much like the Crew Cut and the Butch Cut, the Buzz Cut favors the very short crop. This style is super short and therefore only advisable if you have a well-shaped head and a square, symmetrical face.


7. The French Crop or Textured Fringe Cut

This is an easy option for those who like to still have a bit of hair to play with. The hair is cropped shorter at the back, but a little bit of fringe is left, making the top of the hair have more body.

This is a great white boy hair design for those with thicker hair it’s a nice touch to have texture cut into this fringe portion. However, this style is also ideal for those who are thinning around the crown.


8. Hard Side Parting / Side Parting

white boy hairstyle with side parting

Parting is a great way to achieve a bold look and mostly with limited effort. Depending on the hair type some product may be required to tame the hair but mostly a parting is styled around the natural way the hair falls and therefore the hair should ‘sit’ easily. You can try different hair designs for men if you are brave enough to style.


9. Undercut

white boy's undercut style

Here, the back and the sides of the hair are cut shorter, but the top remains long. Can be worn slicked back for a more vintage style. This is also a great option for curly hair to keep somebody on top but have control around the sides and neck.


10. Quiff

quiff hairstyle for white boy

If you have medium length and medium thickness hair then the quiff is a good option for you. Featuring a sharp hairline, the hair is styled into the unmistakable quiff on top and the sides cut to be a little shorter but not very short!

Aim for a natural graduation in length. You can also wear these emo hairstyles if you want a little variation.


11. The Slick Back

white boy's slick back hairstyle

This is a very vintage style cut which is timeless in it looks. Generally better for straight hair, the sides and back are tapered up towards the crown of the head where the hair becomes more pronounced and sits in the classic slicked back style. If you are into your classic vintage looks then this white boy haircut should not be overlooked.


12. The Brush Cut

brush cut for white boy

This style may not always look like it needs effort but the up-keep is the hard part here. The sides of the hair are tapered, and the front lopped into a more textured style.

Great for chaps who have thin or fine hair as this style creates body. However, this look needs regular trimming to keep it looking great.


13. Faux Hawk

white boy hairstyle with faux hawk

As the name suggests, this look is based on traditional mohawk. The difference being is that the mohawk has shaved sides whereas the faux hawk is more reserved with graduated sides.

There are many great style options for this white boy hairstyle depending on the length of your mohawk or the texture of your hair.


14. Modern Pompadour

white boy hairstyle with pompadour

If you want to know what a pompadour hairstyle is then thought, Elvis! Yes, this style has been around a long time but is making a comeback!

The key elements are shorter back and sides and a top that is all-out volume and drama. The great aspect of this cut is that is can accommodate every guy’s personal need. So, if you need a sleeker business look or you simply want to go full out quirky then remember that there is a pompadour to suit all needs.

Men’s hair has had a boom in interest of late, so don’t be left behind in the style stakes. Pick one of the hottest white boy haircuts trending right now and get down to your barbers for a fashionable makeover!

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