6 Haircut Tips: How To Grow Out Bangs/Fringe?

Picture of Mathias Lauridsen with curly bangs.
Mathias Lauridsen with curly bangs.

If you have had a fringe or bangs all your life, you may at some point consider growing them out. But after a few short weeks, you may give up and cut them off. When you look at beauty magazines, you might feel envious of those male models wearing perfect looking bangs. Here are some simple tips on how to grow out bangs/fringe.

  • Wearing headbands or small hair ties are a fantastic and affordable way of keeping the hairs off your face. You should wear the headband until your bangs are fully grown out to the desired length. If you do not have the patience to grow your fringe out, and you long for a trendy hairstyle, here are some improvements you can make, based on the shape of your face.

    Photo of Roger Federer with headband.
    Roger Federer with headband.

  • With round shaped faces, short side swept bangs will give a slim and sexy look. Men with long & oval shaped faces can choose longer styles that fall to the eyebrows, and those with heart shaped faces can opt for a baby fringe. You can easily decide on which type is most suitable for you.

    Kim Bum Asian bangs hairstyles
    Kim Bum eyebrows bangs hairstyle.

  • A popular style is the side swept trend. The longer length hair with the side swept style in the front has been seen on a lot of celebrities, and men are now following this trend. It is an informal and natural look that any man can pull off. Although, the requirement is that you must have reasonably longer hair to achieve this look.

    Image of Lloyd Daniels side swept bangs hairstyles.
    Lloyd Daniels side swept bangs hairstyle.

  • There are two ways you can grow out your fringe, if you use a lot of creativity and turn this style into a unique one. First, decide on the length of the hair that you prefer the most and you will not get bored with quickly. Once you have decided on a suitable length, how you wear the fringe is completely up to you. The best thing about applying gel is that you can sweep them aside the next day, or comb them straight back whenever you want.
  • Many men do not like to use styling products and hair sprays, and if this is you, there are other options. It can be extremely easy to achieve an optimized style without the use of gels or sprays. This is especially true for the side swept style, as all you have to do is blow dry it without the application of any mousse or gel. This obviously depends on the length of your hair, as the longer it is, the more options you have.
  • You can get a better idea of how to grow out fringe by browsing our bangs gallery. It is all trial and error, but one advantage is that mens hairstyles are more varied in comparison to womens, so you will have unlimited ways of styling your hair without getting bored.

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