How To Fix A Bad Bangs Haircut

Regardless of whether you are a kid or an adult male, you will occasionally experience a time when the barber or stylist messes up your hair cut. A common complaint is that the bangs or front hair is too short. Of course, front hair that is too long is easy to fix. But learning how to fix a bad bangs haircut is another issue entirely.

Sometimes, children are told to just wait, because it will grow out eventually. However, this same so-called solution would not be acceptable to a grown male. No one wants to be the object of derision because of the way they look. Because front hair length is so obvious, it can be a period of weeks before the victim of the bad cutting job feels right about going out in public again.


Avoid It

The most obvious solution for a disappointing cut is to avoid it. Use a competent and trusted stylist or barber and insist that they listen to what you want in the finished style.

Take time to find images of mens hairstyles or in print that show exactly what you want to look like when the haircut is finished. A word of caution though, even the most competent and experienced hair stylist will be able to make thin and wispy hair look bushy and wiry.


Talk to Your Stylist

Give your stylist a couple tries to get the cut to your satisfaction. Listen to suggestions by the person who cuts your hair, but don’t put up with someone who refuses to listen to your desires.


Change Your Hairstyle

One solution to cutting errors in your hair is to change your hairstyle for a time. Have the entire head cut shorter, so that you have a buzz cut or similar style. The Caesar look is used by some major celebrities and is one that features short bangs.

If you don’t want to go quite that extreme, consider doing a spiked look. Instead of allowing the hair to fall forward into bangs, use gel or mousse to spike the top hair. You can go even further and shorten the side hair to become a Mohawk or faux-Mohawk look.

Photo of Joey Lawrence buzzed hairstyle.
Joey Lawrence buzz hairstyle.

Antonio Banderas caesar cut
Antonio Banderas caesar cut.

Picture of Harry Judd spiky hairstyle.
Harry Judd spiky hairstyle.

Photo of David-Beckham-fauxhawk-hairstyle.
David Beckham fauxhawk hairstyle.

Using these methods to fix a bad bangs may turn out to be a positive note. This is true particularly if you have the self-confidence to show others that this style is intentional, rather than an unfortunate accident. You may even decide that the new hairstyle is one you prefer.

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