Joey Lawrence With Buzzed Hair

Joseph “Joey” Lawrence recently starred in a film, “Hit List” as a hit man trying to prove his love to a woman who has a lot of enemies.

Photo of Joey Lawrence buzzed hairstyle.
Joey Lawrence buzzed hairstyle.

Lawrence is a 36 year old American actor, television host, and R&B singer. He first rose to fame in the television series, “Gimme a Break”. He has also been in “Blossom” and, most recently, “Melissa & Joey”.

Achieving the desired tough guy appearance is easy under this hairstyle. You must simply use an electric clipper, setting the blades as close as they will go to achieve the look. This leaves behind a very short stubble that looks more like a darkening of the scalp. Add a couple of days growth of facial hairs and the look is complete.

Image of Joey Lawrence haircut.
Joey Lawrence haircut.

You must get a haircut no less than once a week to keep it from growing out. However, there is no need of products for styling as the stubble is too short to do anything creative. You can even wash the head using soap or body wash instead of worrying about finding a shampoo and conditioner as would be needed with longer locks.

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