What Is A Widow’s Peak?

When it comes to choosing a hairstyle, one feature that many people look for so that they may emphasize it or try to hide it is a widow’s peak. But, what is a widow’s peak?

Dracula widow's peak hairstyle.
Dracula widow’s peak.

This is a genetically dominant characteristic of the hairline that results in a V forming in the center of the hairline above the forehead. In movies and books, the feature is generally associated with villains or monsters. Count Dracula, Eddie Munster, and The Joker are all famous fictional characters that had a widow’s peak. To determine if you have one, simply face a mirror and pull the hair back from the forehead. If a prominent V is seen, then you do have this characteristic.

Eddie Munster widow's peak hairstyle
Eddie Munster widow’s peak

Danny O’Donoghue hair with widows peak. Photos via Danny O’Donoghue Pics

There are different theories for how this V formation in the hair got its name. The most believable is the superstition that a woman who carries this type of hairline will outlive her husband, becoming a widow. The same superstition applies to men, though the hair feature is more properly called a widower’s peak when seen on a male.

The fact of the matter is that this feature has no relation to the longevity of the person who has it. However, as we all age, our hairlines recede somewhat, even on women, which can sometimes leave a V formation behind.

Sting hairstyle
Sting bangs hairstyle

If you are a man with a widow’s peak and are concerned about its association with villains in movies and literature, there are ways to style the hair that will effectively hide it. Layering the hair in styles that pull it forward, across the forehead, is one effective method. Spiky bangs can also help hide the V in the hairline. One should avoid any style that involves parting the hair in the middle unless he is attempting to emphasize his widow’s peak.

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