18 Unavoidable Tips for A Perfect Beard

Have a plan for keeping the beard? Let’s help you in this mission. In this article, 18 incredible tips for perfect beard are added. Try to follow the tips and get a handsome beard.


Tips For Perfect Beard

Let The Beard Grow:

All hair may not grow at the same speed. So, don’t cut it and wait for a few weeks until you see the proper height of the hair.


Choose The Perfect Beard Type:

different beard typesWith the beard, you will get a new look. So, to have a handsome new look, you have to choose appropriate beard type which goes well with your face shape. For example, you can go for a goatee beard if you have a round face.


Understand The Trimming Time:

trimming time of beard

Neither everyday shaving nor leaving the beard without cutting is a good choice. You can trim your beard to maintain it and prevent the frizzy beard.


Use Beard Oil:

Beard oil helps to prevent the dryness of the hair and give a pleasant smell to the beard. There are different types of beard oil. So, before using it, know your skin type and its using process.


Take care of your mustache:

taking care of mustache

Mustache can be called as a part of the beard and need to take care. For a shiny mustache, use mustache wax which will give the mustache an extra shape. Mustache combs, scissors, and moisturizers are also can be used for the beautiful mustache.


Take Recommended Multivitamin:

multivitamins for beard

For thick and beautiful beard, vitamins and minerals are also essential along with fat and protein. These micronutrients are responsible for having an aesthetic beard.


Enjoy With The Beard And Be Happy:

Beard factors like growth speed, thickness, color etc. do not only depend on the genes, it also depends on your mood. That’s why in spite of having many similarities, some beard looks unique.


Hormonal effect:

hormonal effects on beardThe thickness and the quality of beard depend more on the hormonal effect. So, if you notice any symptoms, take hormonal tests. Do regular physical activity and drink plenty of water. These things are also very important for the good quality beard.


Beard implant:

beard implant

If you have a very thin beard or have holes in the face, you can implant beard. This procedure is expensive but has been much sought after in many countries for a fashionable beard.


Use A Beard Comb:

using beard comb

Regular combing is helpful to make the hair grow in your desired direction to get the properly shaped beard. But most of the time, this procedure is neglected by the bearded men. You can use wooden combs, metal combs or others which are specially made for the beard.


Have Patience:

For having a cool beard, be patient and wait until the flaws begin to fill. It will take about four months for the hair to make sense.


Don’t Shave:

avoid shaving while beard growth

Avoid shaving at the beginning of the hair growth while itching. You can use beard balm or other beard products to make the skin comfort.


Learn How To Use Razor:

how to use beard razor

This is a common equipment for beard maintenance. It has a better malleability than other beard instruments and can be used for regular trimming.


Be Stress-Free:

Stress increases the difficulties in the production of testosterone hormone by releasing the cortisol. For lack of this hormone, a man is failed to have an aesthetic beard.


Get Proper Sleep:

Proper sleep helps to increase the production of testosterone. Eight hours sleeping is necessary for health and makes the skin relaxed.


Use The Suitable Beard Shampoo:

Beard shampoo is not the same as the hair shampoo. Their formulation is different. So, we can’t use the hair shampoo for our beard. There are the different branded shampoo for beard which is specially made in considering the facial skin. But if you are unable to have beard shampoo, you can use the baby shampoo that is not harmful to the facial skin and hair.


Use After-Shave Product:

using aftershave on beard

After trimming the beard, use specific “after-shave” product according to your skin which is important for every bearded man.


Keep The Neck Clean:

keeping neck beard clean

Neck’s beard doesn’t look cool. So, always try to clean this region with a razor.


Common Mistakes That A Beard Man Do

Keeping a beard is not that easy. People always make mistakes while maintaining it. So, if you are a bearded man then surely you already did some of the following mistakes. Or if you have the plan to be bearded then this article is surely for you to avoid the mistakes.


Using Traditional Soap And Shampoo For Shaving

Using Soap And Shampoo For Shaving

This is the most common mistake a man do when caring for a Beard. Almost every man wash their beard with a soap or shampoo which make the beard dry and the face may flake. These traditional soap or shampoo may cause irritation on the face and also the hair to become dry which damages the appearance of the beard.

There are separate shampoo and soap which are formulated for the beard. Always use the specific beard product for the charming look.


Not Trimming The Hair On The Lips

trimming hair on the lips

For wanting a cool look, many men do not trim the hair on the lips. But it is a great mistake because all is not just about the look, hygiene is also a big matter. So, it is necessary to trim the mustache hair regularly. For this, you can use scissors or trimming machine. With the mustache wax, you can push your mustache to the sides and have a stylish mustache you wanted.


Trying To Draw Beard At Home

drawing beard at home

This is not the thing that you can’t draw the beard at home. But at first, let the beard grow and avoid trimming at the beginning. When the hair grows, see a barber for the first drawing and can keep it at home.


Shaving Hair In The Opposite Direction Of The Growth

Avoid Shaving in the opposite Direction of beard growth

This is the mistake that everybody surely commits. For this aggressive method, some kind of inflammation can occur in your skin. So, always shave the beard in the same direction as the growth of the hair that is top to bottom. Don’t use the same blade repeatedly and throw it after the use.


Always remember that the first impression stays long. So, try to avoid the above mistakes and have a healthy and stylish beard.


Benefits Of Beard:

  1. Beard helps to protect the face from the solar rays especially in summer.
  2. The initial biological function of the beard was to keep the face warm in winter.
  3. Bacterial diseases can be prevented by the beard and keep the skin more protected
  4. Beard helps to create an attractive manly look which all the men wished for.


Hope, this tips will help to have your desired beard. Style with your handsome beard look and rock!