15 Short Wavy Hairstyles for Men That’ll Get You Noticed

Does your wavy hair need an update? There are several short wavy hairstyles you can consider. If your hair is thick, leaving most of your hair on top in a strip while the sides get a fade is one way to freshen up your look. You could also experiment with a short messy hairstyle which lets the hair get a bit more relaxed and grow longer.


Men’s Short Wavy Hairstyles

These 15 wavy hairstyles for men with short hair will show you how many handsome options you have for your short wavy hair and give major inspiration.

1. Short Wavy Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Men's Short Thick Wavy Hair

To style your short thick hair, a fade will keep things neat and tidied up. Bring it around back into an undercut to complete the style.


2. Short Wavy Hairstyle for Black Men

Black Men with Short Wavy Hair

Have black, afro-textured hair? Cut it short so it’s manageable yet still stylish, and pair it with a fade as well.


3. Wavy Messy Hairstyle

Wavy Short Messy Haircut For Guys

For wavy hair, a messy haircut you can quickly run your fingers through to style is the way to go, but keep the back short.


4. Wavy Hair Highlights

Short Wavy Hair With Highlights

Don’t go with a simple wavy hairstyle. Highlights in platinum or another shade of blonde will warm up your overall color and skin tone.


5. Short Wavy Hair + Side Part

Men's Short Wavy Hair with Side Part

With a side parted hairstyle, wavy hair looks even thicker. It’s a quick stylish detail you don’t need a lot of time for in the morning.


6. Short Slicked Back Wavy Hair

Short Slicked Back Wavy Hair

Whether you have a professional job or you’re heading out on the town, slick back your hair for a dressed up hairstyle.


7. Short Layered Waves

Short Layered Waves

Short layered waves give a flipped ends appearance that are full of texture and a wind-blown look. It’s a casual style you can rock on weekends but smooth down easily for work.


8.  Short Wavy Blonde Haircut

Short Wavy Blonde Haircut

For short wavy blonde hair, add in choppy layers or have your stylist razor cut ends. This will help you when it comes to styling with product. Pair it all with a fade.


 9. Very Short Wavy Hair

Very Short Wavy Hair

If your hair is thinning or you just prefer super short hairstyles, soft waves are a nice touch of detail for when you still want some hair up there but they’re not too much maintenance.


10. Short Wavy Fohawk

Wavy Short Fohawk for Men

This short wavy fohawk focuses all the curl up front which really draws in everyone else’s attention to your eyes. A fade frames the look.


11. Short Waves + Undercut

Short Waves with Undercut

An undercut below short waves actually makes hair look thicker and will have you running your fingers through your hair all day. A little mousse and you’re ready for the day.


12. Short Wavy Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Short Thin Wavy Hairstyle

Men with thinning hair or a receding hairline will want to bookmark this look: short waves and a skin fade followed by a full beard or minimal facial hair. It all distracts from any thinning you might be experiencing.


13. Short Wavy Haircut for Round Face

Short Waves for Round Faced Men 

Round faces can pull off just about any haircut, including this short wavy haircut whose locks are mainly focused all on top. Longer pieces are closer to the forehead and shorten as they near the back.


14. Short Sides + Long Wavy Top

Short Sides Long Wavy Top For Men

Short sides and a wavy top is a popular look for men who enjoy a dramatic hairstyle. Scrunch product through hair for tons of texture and let your fade take care of tying it all together.


15. Short Wavy Hair With Fade

Short Fade On Men's Wavy Hair

Short waves may seem simple but they make a statement all on their own. Whether you pair them with a low, mid or high fade, you’ll look hot.


As you can see, there are a variety of ways to style short wavy hair. From fohawks and side parts with fades to undercuts on short layered waves or a slicked back style, they’re all great options. The only decision you have to make, is which one you like best!