15 Awesome Shadow Fade Haircuts for Men

When it comes to a new haircut, the shadow fade should be on your list for many reasons. First, it has a lot of variations meaning you can customize it to your liking and maintenance preferences.

Second, it works on men with every face shape and hair type. Lastly, it works whether you have facial hair or not. Point is this haircut is super versatile. While they’re a bit more upkeep, the result is worth it.


Shadow Fade Haircut Variations

These 15 shadow fade haircuts need to be on your list if you like precise styles that show everyone you’re all about looking good. Check them out!

1. Low Shadow Fade

Low Shadow Fade

This low fade combines a blunt bang that doesn’t quite reach the eyebrows with faded sides that include detailed designs.


2. Shadow Taper Fade

Shadow Taper Fade

If you have thick hair, layer the top half of your hair and combine it with a shadow fade for a professional haircut everyone will respect you for.


3. Shadow Fade with Waves

Shadow Fade With Waves 

This shadow fade shows off wavy details around the frame of the face. The shadow fade is also super gradual for a natural look.


4. Bald Fade

Bald Shadow Fade for Men


5. Shadow Fade for Black Men

Black Man With Shadow Fade 


6. Medium Shadow Fade

Medium Shadow Fade


7. Shadow Fade + Afro

Shadow Faded Afro


8. Shadow Fade With Comb Over

Comb Over Shadow Fade


9. Shadow Fade with Beard

Shadow Fade with Beard


10. Shadow Temp Fade

Shadow Fade on Temple


11. Shadow Fade for Curly Hair

Shadow Fade on Curly Hair


12. Fade Haircut With Part

Shadow Fade Haircut With Part


13. Shadow Box Fade

Shadow Box Fade


14. Shadow Fade for Straight Hair

shadow fade on straight hair


15. Burst Shadow Fade

Burst Shadow Fade