Combing Vs. Brushing Hair – Are They Same?

You surely have heard hair experts talking about combing hair and brushing but do you really know which among this two is better? Understanding the differences between combing and brushing the hair will surely give you an insight on which among these methods is best to use.

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Combing Vs Brushing Men’s Hair: What’s The Difference?

Combing Hair

Brushing Hair

Combing helps to untangle the hair without breaking them when it’s wet. Brushes clean and moisturize the hair and are used after combing the hair.
Natural conditioning oils of the scalp can move throughout the hair by combing hair. Regular brushing can help in hair growth and can lessen the breakage of hair.
After washing the hair use a comb. Avoid brushing the hair when it’s wet.
Combs are suitable for any type of hair. Brushes are not suitable for curly hair.
While styling with hair, combs give the best results. Brushes help to shape the hair while blow drying.



Many people are not aware of the purpose of each of these hair care materials. However, it is important for you to understand that the comb is manufactured for a purpose that is different from the brush. Combing is to be done primarily to make your hair free of tangles. If you notice, it is quite hard to brush your hair if it is full of tangles. When combing hair, you should begin from the tips to the base to eliminate tangles.

Brushing, on the other hand, is done to stimulate the release of natural oils of the hair. It is usually performed after combing when the tangles have been eliminated. It also massages the scalp to enhance circulation in the area. One kind of hairbrush that can do this task well is a boar bristle brush.



The comb and the brush are also used differently when styling the hair. The comb is used to divide and tease the hair while the other one is used to do curls, volume, and shapes. During the application of hair styling products such as creams or gel, the comb is used so that the product will spread throughout the entire area. The hairbrush is then used during blow drying to help the hairstyle last for several hours.


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So, is combing better than brushing? Or is it the other way around? Well, both methods are highly efficient. None of them is better than the other since they are both needed for a healthier and shinier hair. However, remember to use the methods as they are indicated to keep your hair strong and beautiful.

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