How to Cut A Flat Top Haircut

Flat Top haircut
Flat Top haircut.

There are many different styles available to men who prefer medium to long hair. Short haircuts and styles are more limited, depending on the length one is willing to leave the hair. Still, many people do not know how to cut a flat top haircut.

The first step in cutting a flat top is to take a pair of electric clippers and cut the hair on the sides and back of the head short. Different people use different guards to achieve different lengths in this area, but the rule of thumb is the shorter, the better.

Next, the remaining hair is usually washed and blown dry so that it stands straight up. The hair on the top is then cut to a length of about 1 inch. As the clippers or scissors move toward the very top of the head, the hair is cut to shorter lengths to maintain the flat appearance of the finished haircut. This thin strip at the top is known as the “landing strip” because it resembles a thin grass landing strip at a rural airport from above.

Some people use a special flat top comb that includes a built in bubble level to ensure that they get an even flat surface on top. Most are able to judge the plane close enough with their eyes, especially if they have cut this type of haircut before.

Flat tops are not at all uncommon among military and police officers because this style is short and efficient. The largest difference between this and a crew cut is that the hair around the top of the head is left longer. This means that a flat top will grow out quickly and will need maintenance cuts performed every few weeks to keep it from losing the ability to stand upright.


  • I want my woman to get a flattop or crewcut haircut.
    She doesn’t want it, so I want to convice her, by showing her some pictures or videos of women with a flattop.
    But I can’t find any !!
    Can you help us out?
    Thanks Karl

  • Hi Karl.
    You may have yourself a battle on your hands! Not many women have a flattop!
    I have one, because my husband insisted on it and threatened me…
    I am used to it now. People do stare at me and the bi-weekly trips to the barber shop are still embarrasing for me.

  • Hey Erica, I think it’s time to leave this dude if he “makes” and threatens” you to get a haircut you don’t want.

  • Well Erica,
    At last my wife gave in and will go to the barbershop this week-end.
    She agreed to have a flat top cut and to dye it jet black, instead of mousy brown.
    So you will not be the only lady with a flat top!
    I am very excited about it and can’t wait. We’ll have a lot of fun this week-end!

  • Hi folks,
    After almost a year I can report to you that my wife gave in one day and went to my chosen barber.
    She was very nervous, but bravely sat in the chair and let the barber cut off her hair.
    She got a perfectly flat flattop!
    And now June 2012 she still has it. As a matter of fact she had it touched up just last Friday again.
    I don’t want another woman and I do want her to keep a flattop. It is great and very sexy.

    If Erica is atill reading these messages: How about your hair, did you get used to it or did you let it grow out?
    I do hope you still got a flattop though!

  • I’m a barber and I have 4 women who come in every two weeks to have their flattops trimmed. They have very short back and sides (1/4″) above the ears and 1/8″ below the top of the ears. Many women and girls are getting this haircut because it is very low maintenance. Just a touch up every 2 weeks. They look wonderful! I even have a buzzcut!

  • I find it interesting that in the days of women’s lib, so many women are afraid to get a flattop hair cut ! And that their husbands and or boyfriends urge them to get it cut!

    I would say men: get your women to the old time barber shop and tell the barber to give them an old time flat crew cut!
    It is sexy and you will like it.
    I know, because I am a woman with a pefect flat top crew cut!

  • Hi, I am Jenny. I am twenty two years old and I am supposed to know what I am doing!! I am considered pretty and have a nice figure, but I had long hair all through highschool and collage.
    My present boyfriend suggested to cut off my hair and give me a very masculin hairstyle.
    At first I called him crazy, yet the idea took hold in my brains. I played with the idea and imagined how I woud look.
    My BF suggested a barbershop. It seems that there re not many anymore.
    The barber was an expert in very short haircuts.
    First I had him give me a buzzcut, about an inch long, but I didn’t like that.
    But I experienced a wonderful sensual rush… I had not expected tat. It was like a high!!
    To my own surprise I told him to give me a short flattop cut….
    I am now very embarrased to be seen outside, but my bf was totally flabbergasted and insisted to take me to bed immediately….
    We didn’t get out of the sack for two days !!!!
    WOW, did that turn him on!!!
    I will keep my flattop nice and short from now on!!

  • I had a similar experience. like Jenny. My long hair was cut off at the urgung of my boyfried. I now have a regular buzz cut with a flat top! It turns him on like crazy and that was my goal. I want to keep turning him on!
    So a year ago I had my ears pierced and fleshtunnels put in. I am stretching my earlobes now.
    Yet that was not all, just three weeks ago we made an appointment with a tattoo shop!

    It was a very difficult experience for me to sit there and control myself, while my skin was turned into some kind of art. My boyfriend knew exactly what he wanted and gave the instructions.
    I have now a partially finished half sleeve on my left arm and an outline on the other.
    It is awful and yet it turns me on too. Extremly so. I am looking in the mirror constantly. It is horrorbly awsome what is happening to me?
    Tomorrow again, after I get my flattop shortened up again, we go offto the tattoo shop.
    What is happening to me, it is horrible, it is exciting, it is making me into a sexpot I am nuts and so is my boyfriend.
    Lovely, crazy sexy, weird and nuts…
    And I am gonna get a nice big ring through my nose too, right through the middle !!
    Crazy Carla.

  • Carla, you are an exciting woman alright! Wow!

    My wife has had a flattop for a while now and is happy with it, even though she still lets me know that it was for me.

    I just showed her your comment about getting tattooed… She was very negetive, but yet curious…
    Maybe in time I can get her to get tattooed too!
    I think it is awfully sexy and I’m imagining all the time what she’d look like nicely tattooed.
    Please post a few more comments about your tattoo. Maybe I can get her interested…

  • Hey Crazy Carla,
    I admire your spunk! You are a real person, not afraid to go a little beyond the bounderies of our (stupid society).
    I love women like you.

    I recently found some footage at ‘My tattoo girls’ of a very pretty young lady who has a gorgeous tattoo put on the side of her face. You actually watch her getting tattooed! And the end result is fantastic! From forehead to chin!

    An unbelievable turn-on! She is soooo sexyyyyy!!!
    I don’t expect many women to follow her example, but I do have an open mind for beauty. And Damn it, it is BEAUTIFUL!!

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