How A Man Can Benefit From The Application Of Hair Mousse

There are many different products created to be used on a person’s hair. These range from shampoos used to clean the hair through conditioners intended to help the hair remain healthy and into styling products. One of the least common and possibly most useful to men is hair mousse.

Mousse is a product that serves many different purposes. First, it helps to hold the hair in place after it is styled. This replaces hairspray, which is very seldom used anymore by anyone, and is less stiff and not as sticky as gel.

Second, when it is applied to wet hair, mousse gives the hair a shiny wet appearance even after it is dried. There are times when a man wants to look as if he is fresh from the shower even though his hair is actually dry.

And now we reach the big one. Hair mousse helps to add volume to the hair. This is an especially important function for men with thinning hair because it allows them to maintain the illusion that they still have a full head of hair.

Application of mousse is easy. All one has to do is allow the hair to dry to whatever point is desired whether it be still wet, somewhat damp, or completely dry. Next take the bottle of mousse and shake it well then turn it upside down and dispense a mound of foam into the hand approximately the size of a golf ball.

Rub their hands together until both are about evenly coated then run them through the hair working from the scalp outward. Massage the hair some so that each strand is coated then brushed the hair and style it in whatever manner is desired. In order to increase the volume of the hair, one should turn the head upside down and work the mousse beginning at the roots and working toward the ends.

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