How to Style Mid Fade Comb Over Hairstyles Like A PRO

The mid fade comb over is one of the most celebrated comeback hairstyles in men’s fashion. There was a time when it was considered a style reserved for the old and balding, but that’s not true anymore.

In fact, this classic hairstyle has seen an active revival under the patronage of some leading celebrities. A timeless style, today it is being perceived as a modern and sophisticated option for men. While too low fade is boring, the high fades are rather edgy. In comparison, the mid-fade comb over offers the perfect union of class and convenience.


How to Get A Mid Fade Comb Over

How to Get Mid Fade Comb Over

The mid fade comb over is one of the many choices you can go for.  Though the low fade comb-over is what you see, most commonly, the variation is more of a personal choice. A mid fade essentially means that the fade line is not too low and goes on at least till the temple.

  • You can ask your barber to get the hard parting for an appropriate comb over style over the mid fade.
  • But you must take a call on whether you need a loose comb over or a neat one.
  • The neat one essentially gives a shiny wet look, and it needs a liberal application of hair gel to keep it in place.
  • The loose option gives you more volume and has a wavy matt finish.
  • The length of the hair on top of the mid fade is again a personal call.

However, this is a type of styling that is best achieved at the salon under professional care. There are many elements attached to it and do it yourself may never yield the desired result.

Moreover, perfection is crucial in this type of hairstyle. The mid fade comb over is often about the carefully crafted careless precision. That is possible only when you have a professional hairstylist doing it for you.

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Tips for the Perfect Mid Fade Comb Over Hairstyle

Tips to Get Perfect Mid Fade Comb Over

Here are some easy tips that can make your mid fade comb over striking and exceptionally good looking.

  • Remember that the styling product that you use for the comb over has to be applied 365 days 24×7.
  • If you prefer a textured finish, you can choose between a pomade, wax or even putty for styling your comb over.
  • Don’t decide on the parting line unilaterally, look for the natural parting line. For this, you have to comb all the hair in the front and then look for the natural parting line.
  • Comb over the rest of the hair only after that.
  • You can either comb your hair diagonally or even brush up in the front for that slight lift. That is what brings in the final effect.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Mid Fade Comb Over Hairstyle

The mid fade comb over is a fairly straight forward cut but needs precision styling for best results. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on this hairstyling.


Does the Mid Fade Comb Over Need Regular Maintenance?

You will have to use styling products regularly. That will help maintain the lift and the comb over effect. The mid fade does not need any maintenance, but the hair on top has to be combed over properly. Also, you need to trim the hair at regular interval to make sure that both the mid fade and the length of the hair on top is maintained at a certain level. That will ensure the best results.


What is The Role of Hair Care Products for Perfect Styling?

Hair care products, especially the styling wax, pomade or putty is very important. Ultimately that is what will help maintain the lift and also keep the comb over effect. Whether it is the loose or the neat version you choose for, you will have to apply the styling products regularly. Without them, the comb over may soon turn into a messy wave. That will completely change the effect on the whole.


What Face Type Does Mid Fade Comb Over Suit?

The advantage with a mid fade comb over is the versatility that comes with it. Unlike the low or high there are no strict compartments. So, you have the option to adjust it as per your facial structure and job profile. Moreover, the comb over can also be neat or loose depending on what looks better with your personality. The flexibility and versatility of styling that it offers are often the best advantages.


Therefore, the mid fade comb over is one of the most functional hairstyles. Irrespective of personality, job profile and facial structure, this is one style that you can always adapt to your advantage.

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It is a modern and trendy style that is also essentially timeless. Last but not least, this is a style that needs just basic styling, and you don’t have to rush to the salon every time to style it.