John Butler Dreadlocks Hairstyle

John Butler Dreadlocks
John Butler dreadlocks hairstyle

The highly successful Australian-American musician and songwriter, John Butler is known for his independence and artistic integrity which finds exposure in his music and lyrics. The hard core fans in and around his home town refer to him as the “Million Dollar Hippie”. John Butler is an inspiration and patron to the young acts who are struggling hard to make their mark on an extremely competitive industry.

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Born in Torrance, California on April 1, 1975, John Butler showed his dedication for the guitar right from the beginning. He is the frontman of the ‘John Butler Trio’, a band that achieved two platinum records in Australia with “Three” (2001) and “Living 2001-2002” (2003).

Numerous accolades and acclaims followed thereafter for this band. Release of the single ‘Zebra’ won him the highly prestigious Australian Performing Rights Association (APRA) song of the year award.

Having been nominated for five awards at the 2004 Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA) awards, the John Butler trio took away the ‘Best Independent Release’ and ‘Best Blues and Roots Album’. He received his third APRA award this year receiving the award in the category of ‘Blues and Roots Work of the Year’ for the funked up track “Good Excuse”.

John Butler Trio busking at South Bank Brisbane, Dec 2006. Photo by charlyn cameron.

Beside being noticed for musical skills and outspoken attitude advocating peace John Butler is known for his signature dreadlocks. It is a hairstyle in which the hair is twisted into long matted or ropelike locks.

However, after being loyal for more than 10 years John Butler finally ditched his signature dreadlock as he felt it was time for him to change. He justified, “Yes I finally cut them and it feels great. Although I like dreadlocks, they just weren’t what I was feeling anymore and I needed a change”.

John Butler is happily married to Danielle Caruana and has got two kids, a daughter and a son. For those who believe in social equity, justice and human spirit, John’s words and action have provided an independent voice. He is indeed a source of inspiration for one and all.

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  1. I just started my dreads about 2 months ago. I am a red boned african american (not light skinned but not dark either) and my hair just about touch my shoulders. I used the comb method where you gather about an inch or 2 of hair and twist it using the comb. My hair is already growing pretty fast and they are almost completely locked. At first I was a little iffy about them since I was always doing quick weaves and braids. But I have grown to love them! I can't wait until they pass my shoulders so I can have endless style options! Good luck for those wanting to start this amazing journey!


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