How to Style Conk Hair Like A Boss – 7 Trendy Ideas

Conk hair is a term that isn’t that common nowadays but was extremely popular back in the 1950s, when black men made it normal to conk your hair instead of wearing it all natural.

However, nowadays people don’t know what a conk is, because the term has been changed to relaxed hair, which in a way, means you’re kinda straightening your hair, but not completely.


How to Conk Your Hair

How to Get Conk Hair

Like we just said, conk hair is a term used for people who used to relax their hair in order to be able to shape and style it into something more manageable. Now, there’s a difference between straightening and relaxing your hair. Relaxing is about hydrating your hair at the same time you slowly break the natural shape of the curl.

In most cases, people with naturally curly hair get conk hair or relax their curls so it can be easier to straighten with a hair straightening, or easier to comb and style in general. Conking your hair isn’t as difficult as it might seem. You only need a hair relaxing product, a comb, and gloves. You can choose any type of hair relaxer you want, although calcium hydroxide relaxers might work best on your hair.

It’s very important for you to take the time to properly apply the product all over your hair and let it rest for at least 15 minutes, otherwise, it won’t do any effect on your hair. After it’s done rise it out with water (don’t apply shampoo) or conditioner since it can ruin your hair, so just wash it out with only water.


Unique Conk Hairstyles to Try

These are the trendiest conk look that most funky men want to try at least once.

1. Rockabilly Pomp

conk hairstyles for men

A classic conk hair is a pushed back look. To get you’ll have to conk or relax your firsthand and then with the help of a hair dryer push it back, getting all the hair away from your forehead.


2. Short Conk with Lay Edges

Short Conk Hair

Although conk hairstyle was a classic 50s hairdo amongst black men, nowadays you can use products to relax your hair short hair to get this hairstyle. Just remember to part it in the middle, push it back and leave your edges out, combing only the top part.


3. Flat Top Fade

black guy with conk hair

Conking your hair is all about losing your curls and pushing the hair out of the face, and this style is exactly that. Remember you can puff your hair up with the help of a comb, hair gel and a blow dryer to get the shape exactly like the one in the picture. Also, remember to ask your barber to cut down the sides of your hair as well to really give it a contrast.


4. Skin Fade Comb Over 

conk hair with skin fade

To get this conk hairstyle you’ll have to fade out one side of your hair almost completely (but don’t shave it!), leaving the other side longer so you can comb it over, pushing the hair up and away from the forehead as well.


5. Short Low Fade Hairstyle

best conk hairstyles for men

Similar to the previous one but shorter. This time cut the top part of your hair closer to the scalp, and make sure to shave down the line between the top/longer part of your hair and the shorter/faded one.


6. Caesar Haircut with Soft Waves

guy with conk hair

Remember conk hair doesn’t equal straight hair. If you already relaxed your curls, you can still comb it upwards and give it a little bit of texture with some hair gel to get soft waves into the top part, however, be careful not to let your hair fall into your forehead.


7. Puffed Out Wavy Hair with Taper Fade

black man with conk hair

This hairstyle is very easy to achieve with the help of  round comb and a blow dryer, make sure to push your hair up and back with the comb to get that “puffed” style and the top, and then do the same on the sides of your head to make sure the conk hair is also pointing up.