Designer Stubble: 1-3mm Medium Stubble Beard

Back in the day, the three-day beard didn’t have the fancy name that it has today. It was often called a five o’clock shadow which wasn’t a term of endearment.

Today, the five o’clock shadow has turned into one of the most popular looks and now has a sophisticated name to go with it: the designer stubble.


What is Designer Stubble?

Designer Stubble

Designer stubble is medium stubble that is measured between 1mm and 3mm in length. It is typically achieved on day number three after shaving.

Before designer stubble turned into an appearance that could be professional, many employers required their employees to have no facial hair. Facial hair, especially unshaved stubble, was viewed as unkempt and an indication of poor hygiene. But today, facial hair has proven that it can be part of a professional appearance in the workplace.


Will Designer Stubble Suit My Face Shape?

Just like any facial hair, designer stubble can suit certain face shapes more than others. No matter what face shape you have, you will learn here if this stubble will suit your face shape or if you should choose another beard length.

Round Face

Stubble Beard for Round Face

If you have a round face, you can pull off the stubble look. The designer stubble will not hide any of your features, but at the same time, it will not accentuate any features that you have either.

If you’re on the hunt for a facial hair look that will accent the features of your round face to make them look more prominent, then you may want to choose a beard with heavy stubble. Heavy stubble is measured between 4mm and 5mm. Heavy stubble usually occurs by day 10 after shaving.


Soft Jawline

Stubble Beard for Soft Jawline

Soft jawlines are ideal for medium stubble because you can use the stubble to create a more defined jawline. You can use the designer stubble to set the stage for where you want your jawline to appear.

If you have a soft jawline, you should consider growing your beard for three days to achieve a medium stubble length. You can also use a razor to create the exact jawline you want your beard to follow.


Square Face

Stubble Beard for Square Face

Having a square face is another ideal face shape for designer stubble because it doesn’t accentuate or soften any of your facial features. The designer beard on a square face simply adds depth to your face and doesn’t bring attention to any single feature of your face.


Short Chin

Stubble Beard for Short Chin

You can wear medium stubble if you have a short chin because it doesn’t bring additional attention to your chin being short. Like having a square face, the stubble simply adds depth and character to your face and doesn’t bring attention to how short or how long your chin is.


Prominent Chin

Stubble Beard for Prominent Chin

Wearing designer stubble on a prominent chin is ideal because it highlights the strong jawline and facial features that give you a prominent chin. It makes your medium stubble beard stand out more than it would if you had any other face shape.


How to Grow and Trim Designer Stubble Like a PRO

Grow your designer stubble like you would any beard. By day three, you will have a 1-3mm medium beard. This is the length you will need to keep your beard maintained so that it keeps its 1-3mm medium stubble length.


Maintain the Perfect 1-3mm Beard Stubble

Tips to Maintain 1 to 3mm Beard Stubble

You will need to maintain your beard length between 1-3mm to have the perfect designer beard stubble length. You will need an electric shaver or groomer that will trim beard stubble easily and effectively.

You will also need a straight razor to create distinct lines between your designer stubble and your face. You don’t want any stragglers or unruly hairs to ruin the look you’re going for with your stubble beard style, so it’s important to clean up the cheek line as often as possible.

You can trim your designer stubble in the morning or at night. The choice depends on how fast your stubble grows. If your stubble grows quickly, trimming the night before may not be an option, as you might have a lengthy stubble by the end of the day.

However, if your stubble grows slowly, you may be able to do all of your grooming the night before while skipping a day in between trims. How fast your stubble grows will determine how often you will need to trim your beard.

After you have trimmed your stubble, you can take a straight razor and clean up the edges of your stubble to create more distinct lines around your cheeks and to clean up your neck. This is what makes designer stubble look so good. It’s stubble that is so clean and well-kempt that it doesn’t come across as stubble at all, but instead, a well-manicured appearance.

Once you have trimmed your beard, you can add beard oil, a beard cream, or a moisturizer to your stubble. This will keep your stubble soft while also reducing any irritation that has occurred during the trimming process.


Men’s Grooming Tips

Grooming Tips for Designer Stubble

  • Use an electric shaver or groomer to trim your stubble evenly to maintain the 1-3mm medium stubble length
  • Use a straight razor to trim up the areas around your cheeks and on your neck to create distinct lines for a distinguished look
  • If you have a light-colored beard, keep your stubble as close to 3mm in length as possible so that it is noticeable
  • If you have a dark-colored beard, you can trim your stubble as short as 1mm and still achieve the designer stubble look
  • Treat your stubble with beard oil, beard cream, or a moisturizer to keep your stubble soft and managed


My Stubble is Patchy. Should I Maintain Designer Stubble or Shave It?

Designer Stubble for Patchy Beard

Just because you have patchy stubble doesn’t mean that you can’t maintain designer stubble; you may have to work a little harder than others to achieve and maintain the designer stubble look.

If you have patchy stubble, you can help kickstart its growth by eating foods that are rich in protein, iron, and zinc. These are just a few of the nutrients that help facial hair grow.

Follow this up with using a good beard shampoo that will keep your beard clean and healthy. A clean and healthy beard will grow more steadily than a beard that is not properly cleaned or maintained.


5 Designer Stubble Styles

1. The Traditional Stubble

Traditional Designer Stubble

Traditional designer stubble is medium stubble between 1mm and 3mm long and all the same length.


2. Slow Flow Designer Stubble

Slow Flow Designer Stubble

The slow flow designer stubble is slightly longer at the chin and thinner on the sides.


3. Beardstache

Neat Stubble

Neat beardstache is designer stubble that has been cleaned up around the cheeks and on the neck.


4. Lazy Stubble

Lazy Stubble

Lazy stubble is designer stubble that hasn’t been cleaned up around the cheeks or on the neck.


5. Heavy Chin Designer Stubble

Heavy Chin Designer Stubble

Heavy chin stubble is designer stubble with heavy length at the chin only and medium length on the sides.



Who invented the designer stubble?

It is considered that none other than 1980s pop star George Michael is the innovator of the designer stubble. George Michael was first seen with his designer stubble in the 1980s pop duo Wham! He continued his designer stubble look after going solo and producing well-known songs like “Faith” and “Father Figure.”


Designer stubble vs 5 o’clock shadow: is there any difference?

The 5 o’clock shadow is designer stubble that hasn’t been tamed. It is unkempt, unruly, and unmaintained.

You need a 5 o’clock shadow to achieve designer stubble because your beard will need to go through the awkward three-day growing phase to get medium stubble that reaches between 1mm and 3mm in length. But don’t think that you can have a 5 o’clock shadow and call it designer stubble.


What is the length of a designer stubble?

Designer stubble is medium stubble that is between 1mm and 3mm long.


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