Safety Razor vs Electric Shaver

Illustration of safety razor vs electric shaver.

Everyone knows that it is possible to shave using safety razors and electric shavers, which can be of several types. It is really not possible to say that some of them are more effective. It is a matter of one’s own preference, that’s all. There are studies that show the way a cut hair looks like magnified by hundred times. Cut by a regular razor it seemed to be smoother.That one, which was processed by an electric shaver, looked more battered. Such results may depend mainly on the type of a shaver and the way it was used: some of them allow applying some cream or gel, which makes shaving more comfortable.

Safety Razors

Well, in order to use a safety razor one will definitely need some water and a cosmetic agent that will lubricate one’s skin. As an ideal solution, it is better to have something that will soothe the skin afterwards and protect it from infections and inflammations. And, of course, razors are to be fresh and sharp, otherwise cuts and irritations are inevitable. Some of those modern gels and creams can be foamed with one’s hands, so even a shaving brush is not necessary. In any case, such procedures can be executed with the maximal comfort in a place where one has got at least a washstand. But, the first items we put into a kit are a safety razor, and a shaving brush (just in case).

Choosing a safety razor one should pay attention to all the visible details. It can be very important to find out, whether this tool has a comfortable handle that will provide a firm grip even when hands are wet or soapy, and whether the shaving head is floating. The latter one can prove to be ineffective for harsh bristles due to its lack of firmness, and in this case it will be necessary to choose a softening cream. The harder one needs to press on a razor, the more likely it is that there will be micro cuts and irritated parts of skin. This is why it will be necessary to soothe and disinfect them afterwards. It is better to keep in mind that there is one sufficient difference between all creams and gels and it is in their base. Creams are somewhat oily and they should be applied on elderly and dry skin. Gels are perfect for youngsters as their volatile base does not add to natural skin grease and can even soothe acne inflammations. In winter, it is better to use creams for any type of skin because they prevent it from getting dry in cold. A new couple that goes into the shaving kit consists of a good cream or gel and an aftershave lotion.

Electric Shaver

At the same time, being away from home or in a travel (on a train, plane, etc.) and needing to look shaved and neat, one should better use an electric shaver. It can be used without water and mainly does not require any creams or things like that. Modern models of such shavers do not even require a socket. Fed by an accumulator they can provide their user with some forty to fifty minutes of performance. Such machines can be waterproof in order to use them while having a shower or applying some cream. These options can slightly influence the price, though they do not influence the quality. So, one is free to choose and vary the features up to one’s liking. What needs consideration is the type of a shaving head. They can consist of several rotating wheels that grip bristles and cut them or have a range of rotating blades covered with a perforated metallic foil. The second type is said to be more suitable for a sensitive skin due to its smooth foil. In case one’s skin is really very tender and such a shaver is pressed very close it is possible to receive very unpleasant micro cuts. At the same time, the first type is considered to be more likely to pinch bristles causing unpleasant sensations. This all is mainly said about incorrect ways to use electric shavers. Another thing, which one needs to remember, is as follows: wanting the cheeks to be smooth and shiny as a mirror, one should use a safety razor.No electric shavers will ever give such a result. So, an electric shaver suiting one’s skin type goes into the shaving kit as a travel variant.

Electric shavers need certain maintenance, so it is necessary to have and keep the cleaning brush. It normally goes together with each shaver kit of this kind. Such a brush is necessary for cleaning its blades and shaving heads from cut bristles. In addition, one should take care to oil the blades before using the tool. Only one drop or spray now and then will be enough. Then it is necessary to turn it on and let the oil disperse among those blades. It will provide a better performance.

The Pros and Cons Comparison

Safety Razor Electric Shaver
Amount of time it takes to shave Time consuming. Faster to use. You don’t have to provide warm water and shaving cream.
Portability Great for home-based shaving. Great for trip. You can shave your face in a car, train, plane, etc.
Price One safety razor will cost you $30 – $70. It will last you a lifetime. What you need to replace is the inexpensive blade. The price is much higher than a safety razor. Starting at $25 up to $300.
Shaving technique You can save with or againts the grain. Depend on the shaver’s technology. Philips Norelco has GyroFlex 3D system, contour-following heads adjust to every curve.
Shaving result You can get a close shave look with less ingrown hair. Is not as close as with a safety razor. But, you can style your facial hair into a stubble or 5 o’clock look easily.
Recommended series Edwin Jagger De89bl, Merkur Model 180 Long Handled Razor Philips Norelco 1280X/42 SensoTouch 3D, Philips Norelco 6940, Philips Norelco 7340, Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman, Panasonic ES8249S Men’s 4-Blade (Arc 4) Wet/Dry Electric Shaver


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