Philips Norelco 6940 Reflex Action Men’s Shaving System Review

Picture of Philips Norelco 6940 Reflex Action Men's Shaving System

There has long been a debate between users of electric shavers and blades about which gives the most superior performance. For those in the electric shaver school, there are a number of options, both corded and electric. However, even with all the advances in shaver technology, some men prefer to go back to basics and avoid all the bells and whistles. For these men, the Philips Norelco 6940 Reflex Action Men’s Shaving System is a top of the line product.



Reflex Action System
This device makes use of some of Norelco’s greatest features such as the Reflex Action System that makes the three heads adjust themselves to the facial contours to ensure greater comfort and closeness. Inside this, the three heads float individually to keep the blades right next to the skin.

Lift & Cut Technology
It also uses the Norelco patented Lift and Cut technology where one blade grips the hair and pulls it up while the second cuts. This gets the hair cut a bit below the skin’s surface to delay the arrival of that “five o’clock shadow”. In addition, there is a full-width trimmer on the back that flips up to make it easier to groom the sideburns, mustache, and beard edges.

Individually Floating Heads
Three individually floating heads follow the contours of one’s face and neck, aligning the razor-sharp blades next to the skin for exceptional closeness.

Ergonomically Designed Grip
With an ergonomically designed grip, this shaver fits in hand and makes the angles of the face and neck easy to maneuver.

Corded Operation Only
The Philips Norelco 6940 Reflex Action Men’s Shaving System is designed for corded operation only. This means that one must have access to an AC power outlet. It is not a viable option for travel in the wilderness and camping trips, but it is an excellent choice anywhere else.

There is a newer version that operates cordlessly with the rest of the features remaining the same. For many men, a corded shaver is preferred because having one’s shaver standing in a charger base on the counter when not in use is a major inconvenience. There has also been speculation that corded shavers use less electricity in the long term.

Another advantage is that this corded shaver does not lose power over time as a result of a draining battery charge. It will not stop in the middle of a shave unless the cord becomes unplugged from the wall or the unit. However, if this happens, one needs to simply plug the unit back in and continue.

As one user pointed out, the rechargeable models tend to become useless after three years or so because the battery pack dies and is not replaceable. This indicates that the life of this shaver should be much longer with proper care and maintenance. Another user indicated that he bought this shaver after his original Norelco died, after being used for twenty years.



  • Replacement blades cost almost as much as a new shaver. This is actually not a problem, because the blades will last a long time.

The Philips Norelco 6940 is not a fancy device with tons of extra features that most men do not need or use. It is a basic model that takes all the best features of the Norelco shaving technology and puts them into a simple, no-frills device that is designed to provide superior service for an extended time. Because it is such a simple model, it is available at a price that is very reasonable versus other electric shavers.


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