Male Celebrity Hairstyles

The first thing that you want to do as you are looking for male celebrity hairstyles that meet your needs is to make sure that you are looking at male celebrities that have the same type of hair as you to begin with. Color doesn’t matter as much, but thickness certainly does. If your hair isn’t as thick as Tom Cruise’s hair, you don’t want to try to get his hairstyle, because it isn’t going to work as well on you. So, one of the first things that you want to do is look at the various male celebrities, and make sure that they have the same type of hair that you have. This will help you find just the right celebrity and just the right male celebrity hairstyles for yourself.

The second is pay attention to your face shape. Because not all of male celebrity hairstyles are well-matched to your face. For example, if you have a round face shape, avoid bold sideburns. Because the bold sideburns will cause your face look wider. So, make sure that you are looking at male celebrities that have the same face shape as you.

Then, you’ll want to take a picture of the hairstyle to your hairdresser and make sure that they know how to do it. Don’t just tell someone that you would like a certain hairstyle, make sure that you take in a picture so that you can get the exact style you are looking for. That way, you can be sure that you get the hairstyle that you want to get. Here are the pictures of male celebrity hairstyles:








    • Ben Barnes Hairstyle




    • Blake Lewis Hairstyles


    • Nick Carter Hairstyle











    • Ice Cube



    • Eddie Murphy Hairstyle











    • Keanu Reeves Hairstyles



















    • Paul Walker Clippered Haircut



    • Joe Nichols Long Curl Hairstyle


























  • You have an oblong face, a face with high or long shape. It require haircuts that add width and volume. Hair that suit for you are anything that is short to medium length with fullness at the sides. Choose short/medium style and avoid style with no fringe.

  • I’m an asian male with a round face. I have kinda curly hair and kinda have a big head. I don’t mind maintaining my hair or anything.What kind of hair style should I get?

  • Hello Thepianist,
    If you have a round face, your goal is to minimize the roundness of your face by adding height or reduce width. If you have curly hair you can wear short hairstyles which provide height at the crown. Avoid using volume at the sides. You can also wear long layered wavy hairstyle (with maximum lift on top and minimum volume on the side) which is longer than chin length with curl on the ends. Avoid big curly. If you wearing glasses, you can combine your style by wearing glasses with an angular shape, to break up & take attention away from your face shape.

  • Q: “I’ve been thinking of changing my hairstyle. Maybe going with more of a medium-sized hair. Here are a couple pictures of me, what would you suggest?”

    A: Hi, you have an ideal face shape. Most every hairstyles looks good on you. If you want to hide your wide forehead, just add a little bangs. You look like a successful businessman. You can also wear business hairstyle such as chow yun-fat, leo, etc with little side swept bangs.

  • Hi, I know this post is abit late, but I just came across your post while searching for a new hairstyle for my oval face. I’ve tried so many different hairstylist but they give me very weird styles. I personally don’t believe oval heads can suit any style like what many people on the net say. What can u suggest for me?
    Oh, and do you suggest having a fringe?

    Thanks for any advice!

  • Hi Marcus, oval shape is well balanced, so you can wear short, medium and long hair, but depend on the hairstyle & the details of face. You are young, modern, & have Asian oval face which suit with Japanese’s mullet. Don’t ‘trial and error’ cutting your hair & trying many different hairstylist. You can view yourself with over many hairstyles from
    I don’t suggest having fringe for oval shape. I suggest having bangs/fringe if someone have wide/hight forehead & want to hide it.

  • I like your advice. Can you check out my pictures on and tell me what you think i should do for a haircut?

  • I’m a white male with a large forehead and blonde semi-thinning hair. What is the best style to offest the size of my forehead without shaving it all?

  • Hi Wansyahrulamry,
    Your pictures on friendster is private, I can’t see it. But no problem. You can choose a hairstyle that fits you and that can tells about who you are. Fits you if the hairstyle can cover, hide, or draws attention away from your face’s weakness & show up your face strengths. Conservative hairstyles work best for many people in government. It’s relatively short around the sides & back, neat, longer layers on the top, combed to the side or back, sideburns should no lower than the middle of the ear. It tells that you are working for government. If there is no strict hair rule/regulation in your government, you can take some liberal actions with your hair. Some who are wearing conservative hair such as Pierce Brosnan, John F Kennedy, etc.

  • Hi esko1269,
    You have a good face with good details. With your short hair, you can show up your face (you’ve done) although short hair have less choices than medium/long hair to style. What should you do is depend on the character you want to be. If you want to look like a wise father you can keep your beards. And if you want to look like a macho man, you can add choppy, layer, texture, & semi spike (fauxhawk) on your top hair. Long hair on the top will make your face looks longer. So, keep it short. Buzz cut or crew cut can be your choice to achieve relaxed look. Justin can be your inspiration.

  • Hi Thedream,
    Large forehead can be camouflaged and covered by wearing bangs. Depend on the face & forehead, you can wear side swept bangs, vertical bangs, choppy bangs, layered bangs like Owen Wilson’s, etc. There are also several products/shampoos that can give added lift & add volume to camouflage thinning hair. You can also highlight/lighten your hair (depend on your skin tone) close to your scalp color if your thinning hair cannot conceal your forehead. So your forehead scalp will not appear prominently.

  • hi there, your blog is becoming quite popular. so i was wondering as well if you could help me find a perfect hairstyle. up till now i almost never used a hairstylist because my room mate has been practising on my hair and everything but now i want to change it up and get a real thing. can you help?
    this is me:

  • Hi. Your blog is excellent and really helpful. I want to know what hairstyle would suit me and any help would be great. I am about 160cm in height and I have black hair. My hair is thick and I prefer it not to be long because of school. I am an indian but I am fair. I also have dandruff so hairstyles like crew cut will be embarrising. I also wear glasses. Thanks…here’s a picture of me on the following link, though its a few years back I still look pretty much the same, just more mature.
    Picture Link:
    Thanks again and great work here!

  • Hi there. Your blog really has alot of hairstyles. I think i have an oblong face. I know it’s better to have a fringe. But i have a headline somewhere at the middle from the front and extend diagonally to the right. So the fringe will look rather weird and with the occasional wind blowing, the fringe will get mess up quite badly. Further more when i do sports, the side of my hair will get all puff up, my sideburn thin with sweat and my fringe all mess up. So any recommend haircuts that can cater for my sports need and yet looks good?

    My pics can be found here:

    I was hoping to get a hairstyle like my fren:

    Sorry for this long posting but i was trying to be more detailed. Thank you for any advice.

  • Hi Chahat,
    You can wear short layer hair, layered crop, traditional crop, etc. If allowed in your school, you can camouflage your big ears using medium layered sideburns combed back & cover just a little part of the ears. There are such a large number of anti-dandruff products, find the one that works for you, so there is no reason to worry. Rounded corner, oval, and angular glasses are suitable for you. Avoid glasses frames that are narrower on the bottom. Johnny Depp & Brad Pitt can be your inspiration, and change the styles as you need.

  • Hi Yongfa,
    You can wear your friends hairstyle, but opened forehead with semi-spike on the top will make your face looks longer. I don’t see any headline on your forehead except a little wrinkles. I think you can fix it using facial product. If your fringes & hair look weird when doing sports, you can try choppy hair. A layered cut with choppy look can be your choice to form irregular & messy look. Choppy look is something like this, this, etc. You can also wear headband as many athletes (such as Roger Federer) wear to hold long & medium hairstyles.

  • Hi Bertialive,
    As you can see in the last photo of your myspace profile, you have a fairly longer face than the others. You need a hairstyle that can create fullness on the side. Short to medium length hairstyle work great but you need some sideburns to balance out the length. You can choose the hairstyle that short at the top & have medium sideburns. You can also wear short beards. Style that fits you such as (form the style as you need) brad pitt’s sideburns, ricky martin’s hair, sideburns & beards, short or semi beckham’s fauxhawk, etc.

  • Hi i am a 21 year old male and have long face and a square jawline and chin but have a forehead thats bout 2 and 1/2 inches long so am reluctant on what to choose. I like brad pitts hair when he is wearing the aviators and driving and also beckhams fauxhawk hair but not sure it will suit me please help.

  • Hi ChrisWilmott1987,
    Your forehead is still in the average, not too long. You can wear one of those hair with medium side part to help you reduce the square appearance & add width to your face.

  • I have a somewhat different request, that you may not be used to xD

    I’m a girl, but I really want to try out a male hairstyle, and I’m trying to find one that would suit. I’ve grown my hair long for a long time now, and I’m scared to cut it off, so I want to find a hairstyle that would suit me better than long hair. I have medium-weight, wavy chestnut hair, very shiney, and I have quite a high hairline and dark eyebrows, so I’m thinking possibly a layered short hairstyle to lengthen my face a bit? Any advice would be appreciated, and yes, I am hoping to look more like a man with this haircut πŸ˜€

  • Hi Gwen:D,
    Short hairstyles with layered hair on the top & thinning sides (close to your face) will suit you. Spiky hair like a faux hawk is a good choice for you.Perez Hilton hairstyle also suits you as it can cover the high hairline (but avoid long bangs) & looks more feminine. But don’t dye your hair with shocking colors if you don’t want to get too much attention.

  • Hi dennis,
    Short & medium length hairstyles work well for you. With your recent hairstyle, you can add the style fashionable, movement and elegance with litle longer hair using razor cut like ashton kuthcher.

  • Hey, is there an email I can contact you with so I can show you a picture? I found this blog while googling what would be a good hairstyle for me. For the past 16 years, all I’ve had was buzzcut buzzcut buzzcut. And I know. For a fact. I dont look good with it. I have a wide forehead, am Asian, wear rectangle shaped glasses, and have thick hair( I heard I can get it thinned) and thick eyebrows. If you require a picture, I would gladly like to send you one. I was thinking about a jay chao hairstyle, or something long with big bangs to cover up my f

  • Hello, I was wondering if you could help me with my little problem. Since you’ve had a lot of questions with Big foreheads I think I’ll ask mine too. I have a big forehead with Justin Bieber’s first haircut but I would like to cut my hair shorter but I’m a little scared because of my forehead. I’d like to have hair like Taylor Lautner or Elijah Wood but I want to know if it will look good or not. Is there an email I could use to send you pictures of myself?

    Thank you for any help!

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