How To Grow & Style Your Hair Like Justin Bieber

Photo of Justin Beiber hair.
Justin Bieber hair.

One of the fastest-growing hairstyles in popularity among teens and twenty something year old men is the side-swept fringe inspired by Justin Bieber. This is a fairly easy style to achieve, but it leaves many wanting to know how to grow your hair like Justin Bieber.

Most stylists, however, agree that it is a simple matter of letting the hair in the front and on top grow out until it would cover the eyes if brushed straight forward. The back is cut a bit shorter so that it all blends together.

Styling the hair like Justin Bieber is the next step. One should comb or brush the hair on top and sides toward the front. This should cover the ears and eyes. Next, flip the bangs, or fringe, to one side. This is most easily accomplished with the hand though most try to emulate the twitch that Justin uses to get the hair out of his eyes.

Most need to apply a small amount of gel to the hair to provide hold. This is best done while the hair is still slightly damp. If done properly, the gel will hold the hair in place out of the eyes while looking natural. The hair should not feel stiff to the touch.

If you want to know how to grow and style your hair like Justin Bieber, the answer is pretty basic. It must be allowed to grow to a medium length with razored ends on top and sides so that the bangs cover the eyes. Next, one should get the back cut a bit shorter and style the hair so that it looks just like Justin’s.

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