How to Straighten Men’s Hair – A Complete Guide

Straightening hair does not have to be an activity that is simply left to the ladies. This can be a great way to give men a different look without having to permanently change their look with a haircut. This article will give a quick explanation of a few simple steps on how to straighten hair for men.


How to Straighten Hair for Men

How to Straighten Hair for Men

First, are you washing your hair already? To begin the hair straightening process, wash your hair. It is much easier to straighten hair if it is soft so using a conditioner is encouraged as well. It is important that you be thorough in drying your hair.

If you have wet hair, you can end up burning yourself simply because of the wetness. You will then want to apply a little hair product such as mousse so that you can give some direction to the hair. Make sure this is applied consistently and evenly throughout the hair.

Then divide your hair into different sections that you will straighten. One way to create different sections of the hair and make them stay is to use clips or pins to set the hair.

It is not about straightening the hair all in one motion but working through the different sections of the head. This is where it can be good to have a comb. Get the section of hair you want to start with the comb and follow behind that with the straightener.

It is best to hold the straightener in the opposite hand from the side you are straightening. If you are straightening on the left side of your head, use your right hand. If you are straightening the hair on the right side of your head, use your left hand.

Place the straightener around the base of your head where the roots start. Close the straightener on the section of the hair and pull the straightener through your hair with the angle ending up being downwards.

When you get near the top layers of hair, it is best to start pulling them towards your hair at an angle. This can allow the hair to sit correctly on your head. This is where you can think through how you want your hairstyled. The angle and way that you pull your hair will decide the look you want.


Watch The Following Video to Learn How to Straighten Hair Using A Hair Straightener


This should have given you a quick and easy idea of what you need to do to make your hair straight. It does not take a great deal of effort in learning how to straighten hair but it can get a different look for you to impress your partner with. 

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  1. Thanks, I just bought a straightener and it really helps with my longer hair that I have now! Maybe I should use some mouse, also any ideas on the heat setting? Keep up this great blog!

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  3. Hey could you make a post about Martin Johnson’s hairstyle. (lead singer from Boys Like Girls)


    It’s urgent, I’m getting a haircut tomorrow and I want to know what to tell the hairdresser to do in order to get it like he does.

  4. I have such difficulty straightening my hair. I would love to have that option, but my curly hair is so thick straightening is very difficult. Once “straight” it always seems really unmanageable, and I don’t know how to style it. I guess I’ll stick with short or afro styles, since those are the only options people offer with curly hair.

  5. butt huggers are so masculine!! I just bought a pair that hug the fun out of my jingle bells. Can anyone tell me what setting you would use if you wanted to straighten your pubes. I've tried lots of times but with no sucess. I just keep burning my legs.

  6. You should try using a very low setting, that way you don't end up burning your manhood. It might take a while since it won't be that hot, but the look is well worth it. I've straightened my pubic hairs lots of times and it's a great alternative to shaving. My girlfriend absolutely loves it. Let me know how it comes out. Another piece of advice: Make sure your hairs are clean and sweat free before you use the flat iron. Happy Grooming!!

  7. for those with realy curly hair i sugest you buy a serum product that will take the frizz out you hair frizz ease is a wondeful product that dose just that and a decent strong fix hair spray to keep the style in you can also buy wax it makes it easy for the straightners to glide and protects your hair

    wash your hair do not foget to condition your hair leave the conditioner in for 5 minuets and wash with warm water towle dry and use a blowdryer to do the rest

    lucy xx and men who look after there hair are hansom even if gay

  8. Thanks for the tips, I use a nice hair straightener that works amazing, it’s the Karmin G3 Salon Pro, it causes less damage to the hair and keeps my hair soft, shiny and super straight. 🙂

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