Son Goku Liberty Spikes Hair Style In Dragon Ball Z

Son Goku, simply called Goku in English, is the primary protagonist in the Japanese anime series, Dragon Ball Z and several spin-offs. He appears as a young boy with a monkey tail. The series reveals that he is actually and alien of a race of warriors known as Saiyans. His most recognizable feature is the Goku hair style in Dragon Ball Z

Photo of Son Goku black liberty spikes hair.
Son Goku black liberty spikes hair.

Goku has black hair that is of a uniform length. It is styled into a variation on Liberty spikes that stand out from his head. He has three spikes on the left side of his head and five on the right, with one of these being in the center with a lean toward the right. This style does not change in length or shape throughout the course of the series. You can also check these anime boys with blonde hairstyles.

Picture of Son Goku blonde liberty spikes hairstyle.
Son Goku blonde liberty spikes hairstyle.

Image of Son Goku blonde spikey hairstyle.
Son Goku blonde spikey hairstyle.

At times, Goku undergoes a transformation into a state known as a Super Saiyan. There are several different levels of this transformation, but all have the same hairstyle in common. Here, the hair becomes blonde and takes on more of a porcupine spike appearance. The spikes are still broad at the base, tapering to points. The primary difference is that they now stick up all over his head in apparently random directions.

Being an animated character, Goku does not have any worries about styling his hair and providing adequate hold to maintain his hairstyles. However, if a man were to try to duplicate these styles, he would need to use a hair glue or strong hold hairspray to provide a stiff hold that would stand up under pressure.



  • Hi there. I’m dressing up as super saiyan Goku fo a birthday party & was wondering what would be the best product to use.
    Also the process of spiking the hair as goku’s aswell.
    My hair is about 13 inches/33 cm long.
    hope to hear from you.

  • hello i could do the super sayian hairstyle, im a cosplayer so what you need is the Purple Gatsby (wild shake) and you spike it up, all the way up as much as you can, then for the sides just spike it to the side but make the direction of the hair upward basically just put every hair you have UP you need a fringe too group them up into 5 groups and spike them them down, make sure your top hair is slightly pointed to the back and then you apply gatsby Technical design clay as a finishing product apply just like you apply the purple gatsby and then wants your done and you look good hair spray it

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