10 Funky Liberty Spike Ideas for Men [2024]

For those of you who know these styles but didn’t know about liberty spikes are why we explain the meaning. Since everybody knows and has seen the statue of Liberty and also the spikes on the head. This is exactly from where this style originates. It makes for a great hairstyle and one that is surely going to rock your world.


Best Liberty Spike Hairstyles for Men

Liberty spike is one of the renowned punk hairstyles for men. Check these exotic 10 liberty spike hairstyles for men.

1. Fanned Mohawks

fanned mohawks for men

Mohawks have been about the clean-shaven look on the head and exquisite kind of a style in the middle. The fanned Mohawks were introduced to fashion in the 70s. To create this men’s liberty spikes, you have to pull out the thin hair strands to a narrow top.


2. Spiked Mohawk

liberty spike mohawk for men

This one is a punk hairstyle which is about a clean-shaven head with spikes in the center. In order to keep this spiked Mohawk looks as it is, one should use strong gels to keep the hair intact and in shape. Apart from the middle, both sides of the head have no hair.


3. Liberty Spikes for Thin Hair

Liberty Spikes for Thin Hair

This one looks great on someone who doesn’t really have thick hair. All you have to do is create thin liberty spike style so that they become too many in number. Now, this doesn’t just create a hairstyle but gives an illusion of volume to the hair.


4. Punky Liberty Spikes

Punky Liberty Spikes

Right from the time of the 1970-1980s, this hairstyle has been brought back to fashion. It is called an explosion because you make similar looking spikes of your hair that point to different directions. Keep in mind that it should be pointed, upwards and towards the outside.


5. Pointed Black Tips

liberty spikes with pointed black tips

Why not create some liberty spikes by going with the dye-your-hair theme? If you have blonde roots, then create long spikes on the center of your hair and style the tip as pointed. Now color the tips with black so they make for sexy fierce tips.


6. Sunshine Effect Punk Liberty Spikes

We all know that the rays of the sun pass in each and every direction. So, if you are really fond of the punk liberty Mohawk spikes then create some sunrays on your head. Dye your hair yellow and make evenly spaced spikes pointing every angle.


7. Rainbow Burst

Rainbow colored liberty spike for men

The love for colors can be given a great shape if you make some rainbow spikes with your hair. Bursting every color that you like on your hair is going to create unique liberty spike hairstyle.

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8. Hooked

Who told you that only the ones with straight hair are supposed to do well with liberty spikes? There are hairstyles that demand some curling of hair and this hooked hairstyle is one of them. Make some curls with the help of your hand and add a lot of gel to keep it the way it is.


9. Fringe Look

liberty spike with fringe

Since fringe has been the newfound trending thing from the past; so, creating some fringe look to make a liberty spike for men is a great idea. You make the spikes after you have made some fringe cuts for the forehead and add some color dye on those spikes. This way you ensure the classic fashion has the modern touch to it.


10. Hair Flick

flicking liberty spikes for men

Flicking the hair has been more like a sexy business for all the fashion designers when they create punky labels for a fashion week walk. All the hair of the head is flicked above, and it is a great style to rock.


So hurry up and choose the perfect hairstyle for you. It takes a lot of time to shape the hairstyle for your desired look. Make sure you have enough supply of hair gels that are durable to keep up with your liberty spikes.