The Brian Bosworth Mullet Hairstyle

Brian Bosworth is an American actor. While attending the University of Oklahoma, he was an All American linebacker. He had a short lived career in the NFL, playing for the Seattle Seahawks for two seasons.

He was a commentator for XFL during its single season. He starred in the movie, Stone Cold, in 1991 and in the Adam Sandler remake of The Longest Yard. In this film, he played one of the prison guards/players.

Early in his career, and while playing football, Bosworth wore his hair in a mullet. Here, we shall take a look at the Brian Bosworth mullet hairstyle.

Photo of Brian Bosworth mullet hairstyle.
Brian Bosworth mullet hairstyle.

Brian’s mullet had one feature in common with other haircuts with the same name. It was short in front and long in back. This feature caused some to coin the phrase, “All business up front and a party in the back.”

In Brian’s case, it is much more likely that the shortness of the front and top hair was dictated by the need to keep cool in his helmet and to keep his vision clear. He also had his style cut so that it looked good on him. The sides were buzz cut very close to his head.

The top was left about an inch long so that he could style it. He most commonly applied pomade to his fingers and ran them through the hair. Then, he would pull up spikes all over the top like a flattop.

As the hair faded toward the back, the length gradually became longer until it reached to just below his shoulders. From about halfway between the front and back, the hair was brushed toward the back of the head.

This style could also be considered a variation on the faux-hawk. This is because of the way the sides were buzz cut and the middle of the top was left longer. It would have been a Mohawk if he had shaved the sides of his head completely.

Picture of Brian Bosworth mullet hair for men.
Brian Bosworth mullet hair.

The Brian Bosworth mullet hairstyle was unique and stylish. It combined features of the mullet, flattop and the faux-hawk in a balanced manner that worked well for him. It did not take a great deal of effort to style the hair, as most of the work was done when it was cut.

It did take a small amount of product to keep the style looking good. It was also a very serviceable style during his relatively short lived career as a football player.

The Boz, as he’s affectionately known, really set the gridiron ablaze with his on-field talent during the ’80s, but his hairstyle was just as noteworthy! His mullet was the epitome of “business in the front, party in the back”.

This unique mullet hairstyle featured a short, neat cut upfront and on top, perfectly portraying the clean-cut college athlete. But turn around, and surprise! A wild cascade of hair down the back, free and rebellious, very much capturing the essence of Boz’s unapologetic and larger-than-life off-field personality.

Bosworth’s mullet was more than just a haircut—it was a symbol of a decade and a testament to a player who was never afraid to stand out and go against the grain. No wonder the Boz’s mullet continues to inspire today. It’s a hairstyle that screams, “dare to be different,” and we’re totally here for it!

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  1. Reviewing this hairstyle must be joke. It’s neither unique nor “stylish”. Unless you’re a 12 year old who likes professional wrestling, and who’s mom is his aunt, too.

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