Which Men’s Hair Styling Product Is Right For You?

Men’s hairstyles have changed a great deal over the years. Different styles have come into fashion and gone out only to come back in again. One thing that remains constant is that men spend a great deal of time and money to get their hairstyles exactly the way they want them. Different hair products are used to facilitate this. So, which men’s hair styling product is right for you?

There are several different styling products available for men to choose from. Each one has its own unique texture and works better for certain hair lengths and styles. These products are mousse, gel, pomade, hair wax, and hair spray.


Mousse is a good product for almost any hairstyle. It can be used to create virtually any look one wants that is not way out there. It has the property of giving the hair a wet look if it is applied while the hair is wet and giving the hair a more natural look when applied to dry. This product also has the unique quality of adding volume to the hair, a bonus for men with fine or thinning hair.


Hair Gel
Gel is possibly the most versatile of the hair styling products. When it is applied, the hair will remain in place, even in a stiff wind. It works well with mohawk style, curly or textured hair and can be used for extended periods of time on hair that is not colored or permed. Gel lends itself to certain popular styling techniques such as scrunching, sculpting, molding or freezing.


Cream is possibly the oldest of hairstyling products on the market. Brylcream (creem) was created in 1928 and quickly became popular because it allowed men to slick their hair back and know that it would stay in place.

Slightly heavier than gel, cream tends to make the hair look oily, especially if used in excess. This trait has caused men who make heavy use of cream to bear the nickname, “greasers”.


Pomade is quickly becoming the most popular of men’s hair styling products. Pomade is composed of an oil base mixed with a small amount of wax. It can help one produce a wet look on dry hair or, when applied to completely dry hair provide a natural looking hold with added texture.

Pomade is used mainly for those hairstyles that involve a messy look because it allows one to create small spikes all over the head in random locations and know that they will still be there at the end of the day. Pomade makes hair look slick and shiny. So, it’s great to create pompadour or slicked back hairstyle.

Pomade’s one major drawback lies in the fact that it dries and can leave a flaky appearing residue in the hair over time. Also, the oil base used to create this product means that it may take several shampooings to get all traces of it out of the hair.


Wax is the preferred hair product for those with shorter hair who wish to create a faux-hawk or other short styles that stand out from the head. The wax coats the hair and creates a semi wet look.


Hair Spray
A final product for consideration is simple hair spray. This product has been used by both men and women for many years to create a natural looking hold. Its one drawback is that it can give the hair a stiff, coarse texture when touched, especially if too much is applied.

After looking at all of these different products, it is up to you to decide based on the hairstyle you want to create and the texture of your hair which men’s hair styling product is right for you?

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  1. I personally like paste products that have pretty good hold and leave the hair with a matte finish, Something like the molding paste by KMS.


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