Top 10 Brad Pitt’s Awesome & Memorable Movie Hairstyles

Brad Pitt is probably one of those few Hollywood actors who wear different hairstyles – on and off cam. The thing about Brad’s hairstyle is that almost all women find it somewhat sexy and appealing even if others find the actor’s particular hairstyle a bit unruly and outrageous.

Brad is an actor who also chooses his hairstyle in accordance with his particular role. Perhaps he can easily get into the core of the character he is portraying if he wears the hair that should blend well with the character.

No matter what hair he wears (or what role he portrays as well), Brad surely makes most women want to catch a glimpse of him and fill their eyes with the most delightful and delicious sight. Surely, no woman would dare ask for more. You can also check the fury haircut by Brad Pitt.


1. Chin-Length Loose Hair in World War Z

Photo of Brad Pitt hair in World War Z.

The movie is set to release on June, 2013 but the initial trailer is just so good that everyone is practically wishing for June to arrive soon and not to mention the new looks of Brad Pitt. This hairstyle is just perfect in creating an image that is set to fight a bunch of nasty looking yet unbelievably fast zombies.

The teaser is whether he will comeback as a human or as zombie as his family eagerly waits his return. Makes you wonder how he will look like in a zombie cut, probably the most gorgeous zombie there is and he will not have any trouble looking for prey.


2. Slicked-Back Hairstyle in Killing Them Softly

Picture of Brad Pitt hairstyle in Killing Them Softly.

Witness the smooth looking bad boy image of Brad complete with a slicked-back hairstyle and a goatee that seems to add a different kind of wicked aura. The hairstyle seems to say that the bad boy can do a dirty job and makes a clean get away. It is simple yet it can make any man more mannish and desirable.


3. Short Ivy League Cut in The Tree of Life

Picture of Brad Pitt hairstyle in The Tree of Life.

From a bad boy image to an ivy league clean cut – Brad never stops creating surprises each and every time. Just when you thought you have seen it all, he surprises everyone with yet another hairstyle that never crossed your mind.

He looked definitely much younger than his age when he had that hairstyle in the movie The Tree of Life. This is definitely not the shortest hairstyle that Brad ever had although it is one of the hairstyles that made him look younger than his age.


4. Tapered with Side parted in Inglourious Basterds

Brad Pitt side parted hairstyle in Inglourious Basterds.

This Inglourious Basterds hairstyle is thinned out and cut short on each side with nominal tapered appearance and the top is maintained at medium length. It was side swept and tossed up and the front of his hair is slightly curled. It was really different from the usual hairstyles of Brad but still not bad although it is not something that you would want to anticipate and see him wear again.


5. Buzz Cut in Ocean’s Thirteen, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Ocean’s Twelve

Brad Pitt buzz cut.

The very clean buzz cut is one of Brad’s hairstyle that most women will not get tired to see. No wonder Angelina Jolie fell for the gorgeous actor when they filmed Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Brad wore the same hairstyle in Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen. It is simple yet very manly and elegant as well as fresh. This hairstyle can definitely make any man look so fresh and vibrant while exuding such hot aura.


6. Long Beachy Hairstyle in Troy

Brad Pitt long hair photo in the movie Troy.

No woman who had watched Troy would dare forget Achilles clad in his armor looking sizzling hot with a very sexy long beachy hair in braid. Although the hairstyle was supposed to be a Trojan Warrior Hairstyle, no one seemed to have noticed the other warriors wore the same style on their hair.

The braided (sort of messy looking) hair of Brad surprisingly added more masculinity to his character that most women find his character as Achilles irresistible and at the same time charming.


7. Spiky Hairstyle in Fight Club

Brad Pitt spiky haircut.

The spiky hairstyle is just right for his role in Fight club. Brad looked like he could take anyone that crossed his path without any hesitation. He looked mean and tough as well as decisive.

Don’t let his expressive eyes fool you because it might just be the second last beautiful thing that you will ever see after his perfect fist landed on your face. The hairstyle was intended to look messy without losing its appeal.


8. Curtain Hair in Meet Joe Black

Image of Brad Pitt hair in Meet Joe Black.

This might just be the simplest hairstyle that Brad has ever worn in all his movies. He had angled bangs with blonde hair dye highlight to add some dramatic effects. The entire haircut seems to be so simple and yet Brad’s charisma or appeal seemed to increase. Was it the color, the parting of the bangs, or because Brad made it so? Whatever reason it might be, the overall appearance is simply awesome.


9. Long Straight Lustrous Locks in Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles

Brad Pitt long straight hairstyle in Interview with the Vampire.

The most elegant vampire is in town as Brad proudly showed off his long and straight lustrous locks to entice women who are willing to give themselves as prey to the debonair blood sucker.

He was indeed a young and dashing vampire – master of the night and owner of willing lovely victims. His lengthy golden mane is more beautiful than those of any woman’s. His long golden hair is a perfect crown that can easily give justice to an equally beautiful face.


10. Pompadour in Johnny Suede

Photo of Brad Pitt hairstyle in Johnny Suede.

Looking back at those pompadour hairstyles that they used to wear when they were much younger, most men dare not reminisce the days of that big bulky hair they once called the “in” thing. Most just think of it as just another case of a bad hair day.

When Brad Pitt had the hairstyle in his movie Johnny Suede, most women practically almost dropped their jaw but still agreed that Brad still looked great as long as they keep their eyes away from his hair (which is really a difficult thing to do).

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