How to Shave Beard Using Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioner is the next best thing when it comes to shaving cream substitutes. Cheap and a staple in most bathrooms, hair conditioner also contains ingredients that make it the perfect product for shaving your beard. Here’s how to use your regular conditioner if you are out of shaving cream so you can get the best results.


How to Apply It

how to shave beard using hair conditioner

It is important to choose the right conditioner for shaving your beard. The best option would be a conditioner formulated for dry or very dry hair since this contains more silicone that can soften the skin and hair.

You can prepare the skin and beard hair by washing it with warm water first. Putting a warm towel over the area and letting it stay for five minutes can give you the same effect as well.

Next, apply hair conditioner on to the beard and massage into the skin. Use a smooth, massaging motion to help the conditioner get down on to the skin and allow it to sit for 3 minutes. For a smooth shave, use a generous amount of it.


Shaving with a Razor

multi blade razor for beard

Use a multi-bladed razor for a close shave. Shave along the direction of the hair growth to avoid any razor burns and bumps. It is important to rinse the razor after every stroke in order to prevent conditioner buildup. If the conditioner dries up on your skin, you can reapply to keep the skin moist and soft while you shave.

Afterwards, rinse off the conditioner using warm water and pat dry before applying after-shave lotion or cream.

Hair conditioner is a great shaving cream substitute that may work better than your regular shaving cream. Just make sure to choose the right hair conditioner and shave along the grain to achieve a smooth, effortless shave.

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