60 Best Long Curly Hairstyle Ideas – Trend in 2024

31. Undercut and Side Part

Undercut and Side Part

Why go with simple undercut for long (ish) wavy or curly hair when you can rock a strong part? A strong and professionally done side part accentuates the features of undercut in your growing wavy mane of hair and brings out the handsomeness. Slick it up if you may!


32. Colorful Dreadlock Ponytail with Strong and Artistic Undercut

Colorful Dreadlock Ponytail with Strong and Artistic Undercut

This one is free-spirited, hip and functional at the same time. The colored dreadlocks in a top bun secure the hair on top while giving it a very lively look. The undercut leaves a lot of room for air circulation.


Other Hairstyles Men Can Rock with Long Curly Hair


33. Wavy Pompadour

Wavy Pompadour for long curly hair

Let’s begin with the “beginners”. Many of you are wondering, “hey I’ve decided to grow my hairs out, but I can’t find any styles for hairs that are “not long” but will be, what should I do with my awkward mess on top?” Brothers, we’ve got your back.

Try sporting Wavy Pompadour with some products. You can rock your hair in this style and be as stylish and handsome as you wish to be. You can wear any kind of outfit and this hair will go with it.


34. Slick Pompadour

Slick Pompadour with long curly hair

Why go “slick” when you can go messy? Because that looks good on you in occasions. This one is also for men who are “thinking about” growing out their hair. Your “yet small” hair deserve better encouragement and pampering for growing into long locks that you can maintain while sporting slick pompadour.


35. Long, Curly, Combover

Long Curly Combover Hairstyles for Men

Combovers are cool. And men with long curly hair deserve to rock this coolness with their hair. You will need the help of your stylist for best results, but boy it’s worth a try.

You might want to “straighten” it for a while so your hair may take a subtle wavy shape in a few days later. It’s best for men who are in the middle of longer and shorter hair and want the best of both worlds.


36. Make your Hair a Canvas

When You have long and curly hair and a penchant for appreciating hair-art, you are one perfect canvas to sport it. And also, look very handsome. Choose a strong undercut and do designs and patterns. You can go creative with your top mane as you wish.


37. Shoulder Length Long Curly Hair

Shoulder Length hairstyles are rather good for long, curly or wavy haired men. The best part of rocking this style is, you don’t even need to tie your hair. Just use some products to tame the hair and run comb to get rid of tangles. Your shoulder length wavy hair will style itself. Great outdoors look during colder days.


38. Asymmetrical Long Curls with Undercut

This one is the style for men with grit and a penchant to try something different. Keep one side of your hair short with a strong undercut and slick up your wavy curls in another side. You can rock this look with (or without) piercing and nicely kept the beard. For performing artists, this is an impressionable look to sport!


39. Beach Waves for Long Curls

Beach waves give rough, coarse or curly hair something extra. Something you’d want your hair to look like when you are in more relaxed of moods. Like while vacationing or in a semi-formal workspace.

However, you can sport beach waves with your long curls even when you are in formal settings. This is the armadillo of hairstyles for long, curly haired men.


40. Curly Halos

Curly Halos hairstyles for long curly haired men

Why not maximize the innocence of your curly mane while you’re on your way to growing out the curls? Densely circle your head with your curls like a halo and go trimmer downwards. This is how you sport a nice and impressive look.

Put on a button down, and you will have the perfect laid-back style for any place you are about to go, whether it is a formal work event or a loud night at the club!