How to Manage Curly Hair

How to manage curly hair is a question that draws the attention from women and men alike with curly hair. They will tell you that at the best of times, curls have their own way and can be worse than naughty children can.

Luckily, improvement hair technology brought some great products to calm your nerves and put some restrictions to the behaviour of those curls. It is possible with the application of some modest advice to manage curly hair with ease.

  • Cut them Short
    This is the simplest way to manage curly hair. When you get to the point that your curls are driving you out against the walls, cut them short, and this means very short. For men, the ideal option will be to use a clipper. If you cut them short enough, they won’t be able to curl and the problem is solved!
  • Grow them Long
    In the past, fathers would not be too happy and in fact would regard it as unacceptable for their sons to wear long hair. As for the fathers of the girls, you could expect the barrel of a shotgun in your face when you knocked on. Men with long hair were evil and rebellious! Not a single thought was given to the comfort it might impose. Thankfully with the change of times, long hair for men became more acceptable and strike the high fashion mark in the 80’s.
  • Drying
    A proven way to limit down frizziness is to let your hair dry naturally after it has been combed with your fingers or an afro comb. By wringing your hair gently and not rubbing when you towel dry your hair is the best way to get the excess water out of your hair. Hair dryers is a no go way to dry your hair unless you would like it to be static and full of frizz. Use a hair dryer only if it is unavoidable and if you can attach a diffuser designed for curly hair to it.
  • Washing and Conditioning
    The golden rules for washing and conditioning curly hair are to be modest. Use conditioner sparingly and do not wash your hair every day. Curly hair needs naturally produced oil more than straight hair and by washing your hair everyday strips your scalp of that much needed natural oils.


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