Channing Tatum Classic Short Haircuts [2024]

Channing Tatum is a well-known actor, dancer, model, and film director who has surely taken the hearts of so many women. He has been the star in so many great films which include “Step Up” and “Magic Mike”. Although he is amazing in many ways, one of the things that make him stand out is his hairstyle.


Channing Tatum Haircuts

Channing Tatum 2018 haircut
Channing Tatum

Here, we provide some cool classic haircuts of him. Channing Tatum haircuts look very good on him and might also look good on you. If you are a very busy person who lacks time, it is best for you to choose hairstyles that do not require a lot of time to fix. The below haircuts are classic and can be done easily on most barbershop.


1. Buzz Cut

Photo of Channing Tatum buzz cut.

The buzz cut will look good on many face shapes, especially if you have a well-defined shape. It defines the person’s face and emphasizes his features. When you go to a barber, he can easily do the cut by clipper-cutting the hair on top of your head in a short and uniform manner while the sides are also cut uniformly and tapered down at the hairline.

Most of the time, the sides are cut shorter than the top, showing the ears. To maintain the hairstyle, you should visit the barber at least every 2-3 weeks. Whether you wear formal attire or casual clothes, the buzz cut will still look good.

Photo of Channing Tatum with buzz haircut and casual attire.


2. Crew Cut

Picture of Channing Tatum crew cut.

It is the Channing Tatum’s haircut that has been inspired by military men to show uniformity. With crew cut, your hair will be cut in a way that the length of the hair on top and at the back of your hair is not equal. Also, the top hair should be half-inch longer than the hairs on the sides and the side hairs are either cut very short or close to the skin.

It is suitable for many face shapes but looks best with oval and round face shapes. But, with a square shape like Tatum, you can add roundness to your face by blending the hair at the sides and the hair on the top. Regular trimming every 2-4 weeks is needed to make the haircut as good as always.


3. Slick Side Parted Hairstyle with Mustache and Goatee

Channing Tatum classic side parted hairstyle photo for men.

The slick side-parted hairstyle paired with mustache and goatee can surely make a man look as mature and handsome as he can be. This is best worn during not-so-formal events for young people. To get the hairstyle, the stylist will uniformly cut the sides and back hairs in either short or medium length.

Then, the top hairs are left longer and styled using shine-look styling gels or pomade for it to stand. Using a comb, part the left side, and comb it to the right before combing the bangs up also to the right.

When restyling, you should use a comb to avoid leaving your hand greasy with pomade. You can also grow your mustache and goatee a bit to match the hairstyle. The outline of the goatee style can be shaped easily with the help of GoateeSaver.

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