Ben Affleck Short Hairstyles: Spiky, Conservative, and Pompadour

Photo of Ben Affleck short hairstyle for male.
Ben Affleck short hairstyle.

Ben Affleck is a 48 year old American film actor, producer, director, and writer. He rose to fame in the mid 1990s as he was involved with the film, Mallrats, and played the lead in Chasing Amy. Other films he has starred in include Good Will Hunting, Armageddon, and Pearl Harbor. Ben is married to film and television star, Jennifer Garner. Together, they have two children.

Ben Affleck has worn several different hairstyles over the years. The one thing they all have in common is that he keeps his hair short. Beyond that, how he styles his hair depends a great deal on the role he is playing.

Image of Ben Affleck formal spiky hair.
Ben Affleck formal spiky hair

One hairstyle he seems to favor is a short spiky style. He has worn it with his face clean shaven and with some stubble. This particular style gives him the appearance of defiance and rakishness. It is also a very high maintenance hairstyle. The look is easy to achieve. He simply applies gel to his fingers and pulls the hair up into spikes all over his head.

Picture of Ben Affleck spiky hairstyle.
Ben Affleck spiky hairstyle

Pic of Ben Affleck short spiky hairstyle.
Ben Affleck short spiky hairstyle

Another hairstyle that looks very good on Affleck is a conservative comb over. The hair is cut short with the top left just a bit longer. It is styled by parting the hair on one side and combing the top over to the other side. This is a fairly low maintenance style as a touch of hairspray is all that is needed to hold the hair in place.

Photo of Ben Affleck conservative hairstyle.
Ben Affleck conservative hairstyle

He has also worn a short pompadour. The hair in front is flipped up to add height. This style requires a bit more maintenance than the simple comb over, though not much. Hairspray or gel is used to hold the hair in place.

Picture of Ben Affleck short pompadour hairstyle.
Picture of Ben Affleck short pompadour hairstyle

Photo of Ben Affleck pompadour hairstyle.
Ben Affleck pompadour hairstyle

Ben Affleck has worn several short hairstyles with success. He is a man who can wear most any short style and look good.

2 thoughts on “Ben Affleck Short Hairstyles: Spiky, Conservative, and Pompadour”

  1. That should put rumors to rest that he wears a hairpiece, otherwise, how would he cut his hair so short, like the buzz cut he wore in "The Town?"

  2. Definitely like the “conservative comb over” best. Some people thought he was just following was J Lo was telling him to do, but he looked his hottest like this. Love the part, and sometimes there was a lot of pomade or gel in this hairstyle which it made it look even hotter. I wish he was still looking like this.


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