Creating A Safe Natural Hair Relaxer

Men who have naturally curly hair are often limited in the number and types of hairstyles available to them. Fortunately, the hair can be chemically altered to make it relax or lie straight. The most commonly used chemical is lye. This is the same powerful caustic agent that is used in drain cleaners. This leaves many wondering if it is possible to create a safe, natural hair relaxer.

The answer is, “Yes”. There are several substances that possess the ability to chemically straighten the hair without exposing it to lye or any other harsh chemicals. In fact, many of these substances that can serve as a natural hair relaxer can be found right in the kitchen of the average home.

One such substance is olive oil. The oil can be heated and applied to the hair. While the hair is coated in this oil, heat can be applied by using a blow dryer. It might be a good idea to cover the hair with a towel to prevent it drying out. Leave the olive oil on the hair for one or two hours, then wash it out thoroughly. The hair will be left relaxed, but also moisturized, something that never occurs with chemical relaxers.

Milk is another substance that is found in most kitchens and will work as a natural hair relaxer. One should coat the hair in milk and let it stand for an hour. Wash the milk out as normal to get soft, relaxed hair.

Lemons are another common kitchen item that will relax the hair. The acids in lemons are almost as far from neutral on the pH scale’s acid side as lye is on the alkaline side. These acids penetrate the hair shafts and alter them in much the same manner.

Honey is also a natural hair relaxer found in most kitchens. If one wishes, he could mix olive oil, lemon juice, and honey together to get a completely natural mixture that has been shown to be effective at relaxing the coarsest curly hair in the world. In fact, this mixture is considered to be one of the best hair relaxers for use on black hair.

There are many different products available on store shelves that will chemically alter the makeup of curly hair so that it relaxers and lies straight. Most contain harsh chemicals that will damage the hair if the instructions are not followed to the letter. Fortunately, all one has to do is look in the kitchen to find a natural hair relaxer that does not damage the hair.



  • Though natural products and safe and can tame the frizz they can’t work as good as the chemical relaxers. I think people should be educated about the side effects that chemical relaxers can cause and let them make the decision. FDA should also govern the ingredients in relaxer products.

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