Black Natural Curly Mohawk Hair Styles

Photo of Chris Brown short black mohawk hairstyle for men.
Chris Brown short curly mohawk hairstyle.

The Mohawk hair style has long been associated with the punk subculture. However, there are a growing number of young men beginning to wear this hairstyle in different variations in the main stream. This process began in the mid 1980s when Mr. T made the style popular. Today, there are several variations of black Mohawk hair styles for men.

Mr. T black mohawk hairstyle pictureMr. T mohawk hair

Many prefer not to go to the extreme of shaving the sides of the head. They do, however, have the hair cut very short on the sides. This length is normally not over one quarter of an inch. The center stripe is left at one inch or more depending on how severe the Mohawk is intended to look. This type of style is more of a faux hawk, however.

Yung L.A. Faux Mohawk hairstyle for black men
Yung L.A. Faux Mohawk haircut

A true Mohawk can be worn several ways as well. Some still shave the sides, but leave the center stripe in its naturally curly state with the length at about an inch or two. Others like to let the center stripe grow out to about 10 inches and form spikes. However, for this style, a number of hair products are needed. Relaxers to allow the hair to straighten and gel to hold it in place are just two.

In another variation of the Mohawk, the hair is braided on the sides, allowed to grow out to 6 to 12 inches in the center stripe. This is done by not shaving the hair on the sides, as was done before. The hair is then braided into very thin pieces and styled back against the head.

Photo of cornrowed mohawk.
Mohawk with braid cornrows at the sides

There are several other variations of black Mohawk hairstyles for men. The one thing they all have in common is the fact that maintenance will be required to maintain the desired look. Several products will be used in this maintenance, many of which can strip the moisture out of the hair and make it brittle. Therefore, caring for the hair should become a part of the maintenance routine as well.

Picture of Sean John black mohawk hairstyle.
Sean John black African American mohawk hairstyle


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