Bill Kaulitz Hairstyles

Bill Kaulitz's Japanese hairstyles.
Bill Kaulitz hairstyle

With his dashing looks and electrifying performance on stage, he has made teenagers go head-over-heels. Well, he is none other but the German heartthrob Bill Kaulitz. Lovingly nicknamed Meckie by his friends and fans, this famous young singer, lyricist and lead vocalist from Germany has achieved an iconic status among the teenagers.

With his androgynous look, edgy hairstyle and power packed performance Bill Kaulitz is the youngest person to be immortalized in wax at the Madame Tussauds museum. Bill Kaulitz was born in Leipzig, German Democratic Republic on September 1, 1989.

It was only when Bill Kaulitz participated in a children’s Star Search in 2003 (which he lost in the quarter final) that he was discovered by music producer Peter Hoffman. Founder of the famous rock band “Tokio Hotel” along with his guitarist brother Tom, this man stormed the music circuit.

He has been showered with awards and accolades including the band’s first MTV Europe Music Award for best InterAct in 2023 and the TMF awards for best male artist international to name a few besides a host of other awards. In December 2008, Bill Kaulitz became “Man of the Year #6” by MTV News.

Besides being noticed for his singing prowess, Bill Kaulitz’s charm lies in his radical hairstyle He is never tired of teasing and spraying his hair until it gets pretty knotted, frizzy or snarled. Be it coloring his hair from brown to black, perming his hair, or dyeing with a bit of blond highlights, he has tried all.

Given his facial features and thick mane, Bill tried some of the classic hairstyles.

While his short black with little fringe reflected his innocence he soon switched to hairstyles like the bohemian short red hair style, short black with fringe, straight medium length black hair, short spiky emo hair with straight side fringe, long black dirty hairstyle, long straight hair with white highlights, long curly black hair with white highlights, long black big hair, long black and white highlights Lion like big hair.

While the occasional straightened hairdo goes well with his oval cut face, his layered black and white style is cutting edge.

Bill Kaulitz’s Emo Hairstyle

Bill Kaulitz's emo hairstyle
Bill Kaulitz emo hair

Bill Kaulitz's short emo hairstyle

Bill Kaulitz’s Long Straight Hair with White Highlights

Bill Kaulitz longish hair
Bill Kaulitz long straight hair. Photo by

Bill Kaulitz's long hairstyle

Bill Kaulitz’s Lion Big Hair


Bill Kaulitz lion big hairstyle

For someone blessed with loads of talent, oodles of confidence, and versatility, it takes very little effort to make things work. Undoubtedly, Bill Kaulitz is the sexiest singer and a style icon on the block.

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  1. I have to say that I honestly thought that this was a girl. I didn’t know anything about Bill Kaulitz until I saw him on the website. His hair styles are awesome but I do think he needs to look a little more manly. But that is just my opinion

  2. Well, you can’t just snap your fingers and make yourself look more manly, I guess you’ll just have to wait a few years untill he’s older! Lol he could lose the eye shadow but there are lots of rock singers that where it that look more manly. Mainly he is just very young looking. Lol to be honest I thought he was a girl at first too!

  3. ehhh.. come on half of u guys think thats a girl? its a god damn guy! and he is hot! …. and he got fking cool hair style….!!! fking hot man… fking hot!

  4. All you who are making fun of Bill, I'd like to see you earn yourself thousands of adoring fans and awards, and everything else Bill Kaulitz has gotten accomplished.
    He is a man, and a very attractive one at that.

  5. bill's hair totlly rocks!! i'm actually planning my hair to be sted like his with all the highights!! i so love tokio hotel hairstyles!

    _cleo alexis_z

  6. great site! thanks for categorizing and discussing all these popular hairstyles 🙂

    BTW, ' emo' is a codeword among ' emos.' It means ' spoiled teenager that thinks things are tough,' and ' i'm a puss.' it's really a pretty sophisticated definition for an abbreviated word. the previous generation of ' emos' were referred to as ' doomers.'

  7. Male or female, would it matter? Bill is beautiful, from the inside out. He's a very sweet young man and I'm not really sure why so many people feel the need to yell GAY or FAG! Even if he was, why would it matter. That's not the topic being discussed here.

    As for Bill's hair, he does amazing things with it. I'm surprised that you haven't included his newest hairstyle, the dreadlocks with white, synthetic dreads for accents. VERY striking and gorgeous. Thanks for profiling him, even if some people reading are not mature enough to deal with Bill's look.

  8. Bill's looks are really AWSOME!!
    I have to agree. Would it really matter if Bill were male or female??? He was discovered at a young age and why call him a f*g just because he is young, wears eyeliner, and has highlights?

    Bill is just an amazing guy with kick ass hair and looks.

  9. The guys who think Bill is gay are total idiots.
    Unless your gay you wouldn't care what guys think about you. So many chicks are crazy for this hot guy

  10. veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy catttttttttttttttttttttt o my goodddddddddddddd
    The guys who think Bill is gay are total idiots [02]
    i love bill kaulitzzzzzzzzzz

  11. omg i love bill kaulitz sooo…. much and his hair is AWSOOMMEE!! he is so sexxy lol and if you dont like him you can leave your coments to your self OK!lozzzzzzerz :)!!

  12. lolol. Go to Japan, you'll find hair like his EVERYWHERE. 'Specially with those Visual Kei rock bands. Oh, by the way, I wonder why they called it TOKIO Hotel. And why Bill's sporting a very typically asian style, adopted from the emo style in the 80's (around). HMM. Coincidence? I don't know, but you have to admit most emo styles today resemble the asians' way too much. lol.
    Yah, and, Bill is obviously a guy. lol. I've seen plenty of pretty-boys, Nothing new here.

  13. People when are you going to get over yourselves and realize that this is in fact a man. We've all seen feminine men in the world, it happens. Deal with it.

    Also, to everyone calling him Gay and a fag: This "fag" has more ladies after him then any of you will have in your entire lives. You're just insulting yourselves really…

    And to the Comment above, The band is Called Tokio Hotel because they have never been to Tokyo (Tokio in German Spelling) Japan and have always wanted to go, it was an ambition of theirs so to speak, and Hotel comes from the fact that they practically live in hotels due to touring all the time. Bill has stated that he was inspired by old vampires (not the twilight kind mind you) and David Bowie from the Labyrinth for his hair styles.

  14. for all those people who call him a chick…..uugghhh news flash Bill is a GUY for crying out loud!!!!!!!! get it right….
    anyways i love Bill to death….love his hair and how he also makes himself stand out (:
    ich liebe Bill Kaulitz und Tokio Hotel für immer ((:

  15. Wow… So many comments about people thinking hes a girl…? Where the f#ck do you live? If you can't tell the difference between a girl and a guy then you need to check your eyesight, or perhaps your bi/homosexual.

  16. –>>I wants to nomms his haiir :3 He's adorablee<33

    –>>How can people think he's female though..? They must be freaking blind or something, I mean, wtff's that all about? D; Silly people. And then the say that if he's male (Which he obviously is!!).. then he's gotta be gay. Whats wrong with being gay? Gaah, you're just insecure about your own sexuality. ¬_¬

    –>> ♥♥

  17. He does not NEED to use less makeup. He does not need anthing. Bill kaulitz is a unique individual who has his own style. Sure, he looks like girl but that is his lifestyle, and who are we to judge that based only on appearances. Oh yeah he needs to lose the makeup, no, u need to lose your quick judgement against this wonderful man. And whats with the gay comments? You heard him say that he was not gay a million times, but you think he “hasnt come out of the closet yet” he is spontaneous and joyful and if he was gay he probably would have said something by now. U dont tell bill kaulitz what he is, he does. Lethim be himself and stay out of his personal business.

  18. good descriptions. but one thing “if this website wil lread it” sorry for rudeness but i mean it. you need to add his newest hairstyle to the lsit. he’s got dreads this year which are black with the blond highlights. alsot a few years ago hes had a mohawk/fo hawk combo hairstyle not sure how to describe. but you need ot list these. but good lsits and good ways to help.

  19. Lol I just read more comments than posts I’ve seen on facebook lol I was playing guitar hero then played this song (which was bad a**) Monsoon then I looked it up on YouTube saw him like on YouTube bla bla bla searched if he was a guy or a girl ( dude I thought he was a girl so basically I think he’s hot lol) and well I read this and it was very interesting ang way back to the subject… U guys are just jealous if ur calling him gay or a fag cuz face the facts u guys want to be like him he’s got more girls chasing after him than Justin beaver or beaber or how ever u spell it, he is awesome his hair is awesome so u guys suck it if u think he sucks cuz u guys probably are beabier fans


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