How To Straighten Men’s Curly Hair

Learning how to straighten men’s curly hair is something that should be approached with common sense and caution. You need the right tools and the right techniques in order to achieve a look that is natural. To avoid burning or drying your locks takes care and precision.

You will need a ceramic tool or iron to do the process. Unless your locks are very long, the tool should be fairly narrow. It can be up to two inches in width. Buy an iron that has higher wattage. It should be one where you are able to control the heat settings. The other items you will need include straightening cream, a fine toothed comb and pomade to improve the condition of your tresses.

Your hair should always be completely dry before beginning the straightening process. It must be clean to get the best results. If the strands are frizzy or particularly curly, try washing one day and straightening the following day. You shouldn’t wait longer than one day, because the natural oils will build up fairly quickly.

Begin the process by applying the straightening cream evenly. The cream should be distributed along the entire length of the strand. By ensuring that the strands are protected from the effects of the heat, you will avoid burning or drying, while still permitting the straightening iron to do its work.

While you are waiting for the iron to heat up, you should section off your locks using clips or pins. You will do the straightening on the side and bottom sections first, followed by the top layers. You operate the iron by clamping the device to the roots of a small section and drawing it slowly down the strands all the way to the end of the shaft. Repeat the process over the entire head.

You will need to be aware of the direction that you are pulling the iron, since that is the way the finished strands will lay. When you reach the top layers, you should angle the direction of pull toward your nose, or you can lift the iron and pull it straight up in the air.

Your final step in learning how to straighten men’s curly hair is to apply a small amount of pomade to the ends of the strands only. The key is to use only a tiny bit of texturizing wax. This will give the strands a more lively and edgy look.

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