How To Smooth Curly Frizzy Hair

Human nature is such a whimsical damsel that we cannot always know for sure what the next caprice will be. People, who have straight hair, pay great efforts to make it at least wavy, while those, whose heads resemble a luxuriant fleece, almost daily strive for silky smooth locks.

So, now we’ll touch the matter of straightening the curly hair and the ways to do it at home and in a beauty salon. Surely, the professional means are various, and they can provide you with smooth straight hair for a long time. Yet, you need to remember that all those agents they use will indeed intrude into the very structure of hair and more or less damage it.



If you need to have straight hair just for an evening, you can try home means. First of all, use a straightening shampoo, which will make your hair softer, even if it is very harsh and frizzy. You can try several different trademarks, which produce such goods: they are really numerous, and you need to find the one, which will be effective on your particular hair and, if necessary, provide additional care and moisturizing.

This can be a Davines Love Smooth Shampoo, for example, as it is considered to be good in nourishing and disentangling curly and frizzy hair, and after washing your hair thoroughly you need to apply a special serum or a conditioner – to match the previous example, a Davines Love Smooth Conditioner.

The essence of such agents is in their ingredients, which wrap each hair with a smooth and quite heavy coat, which helps hairs become even. Thereafter you can use a fan and, straightening each lock with the help of a hairbrush, dry it in the straight position.

This way is good for soft wavy hair. But if your locks are really coarse, this will have but little effect. In this case you can use a thermal hair straightener, sometimes reinforced with some hair wax. This will definitely be effective, but only for some time: your hair will become frizzy again as soon as it gets wet. Even a little higher humidity of air can make it curly.

However, the domestic straightening is the most safe and sparing for your hair.


Professional Sheen

In case you do want to make your hair straight for a longer time, you should consider the novel biological straightening, the so called Brazilian blowout, or laminating. Both procedures can be done only in a salon.

Though, there are no guarantees that your hair will be straight after laminating, but it will surely be shiny and protected from the aggressive environmental influence. The second procedure involves special agents, which are able to straighten even the most uncontrolled hair and make it look shiny for a long time.

Some salons say, that this is a “for-good” straightening, but of course, this is not true, as your hair will remain frizzy at the roots and the new small hairs will grow as they used to before the procedure, and in some time you will need to visit the salon again in order to straighten the grown parts.

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  1. great info, I use another product to keep my hair frizzless, it’s Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil which is amazing, keeps my hair soft, shiny and healthy. 😀

  2. Curly frizzy hair has been my problem my whole life and I’ve tried treatments to remedy my problem. I’ll try use the product and thanks.


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