Sexy Bald Man: Taye Diggs

Photo of Taye Diggs.
Taye Diggs.

Taye Diggs is the epitome of a sexy bald man. No wonder he was able to capture the attention and hearts of many women, especially that of the gorgeous Idina Menzel.

Unknown to many, taking care of a bald head can be time-consuming and risky. First, you need to make sure that your head is regularly shaved. This is to prevent any growing hair from further developing.

For that, you need to utilize a shaving cream that is ideal for head hair as well as a head razor. It is also important you can constantly exfoliate the head to avoid dead skin and be careful about using very harsh hair care products. These may cause scalp problems and allergic reactions.

If you are starting out with very long hair, it is best if you can start with a buzz or crop hair. Then you can gradually remove the hair until you can have a clean-shaven head.

Picture of Taye Diggs with his bald head.
Taye Diggs

Not all men can sport a bald head like Taye Diggs. Nevertheless, you do not have to be good looking either. You simply have to carry that self-confident attitude.

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  1. Taye diggs as shown in the picture can be awarded as sexiest person. As with the baldness he is looking more handsome.


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