Park Jaebeom Hairstyles

Park Jaebeom hairstyle photo.
Park Jaebeom hairstyle. Photo by Ask Actor.

Park Jaebeom hairstyles are very popular in the Asian community. Also known as Jay Park or J-Bum, his hair is often the source of news among followers of Korean boy bands. His look is unusual, yet at the same time natural in appearance. Here are a few tips to help achieve and maintain this kind of look.

Whether you are a man with Asian hair or you simply like the look, it is best to stay with dark colors. Black works very well for an Asian look, but dark brown will also be acceptable.

J-Bum’s look is slightly wavy, but straight in appearance. This means that you may have to use a good hair straightening product if you have naturally curly hair. If your hair is very thick, it may be best to straighten it, as it will help to achieve a simple yet swept look that many men may be going for.

Some men may have oily hair and it should be washed at least once a day. Oily hair will become oilier the longer is not washed. Hair that is oily will tend to lie down and not produce a swept look that you may be looking for.

Image of Park Jaebeom bangs hairstyle.
Park Jaebeom bangs hairstyle. Photo by Ask Actor.

Your hair should be relatively long on top, in relation to the sides. All of J-Bum’s styles are very short on the sides and the accent is mostly on the top portion. Have your hair razor cut and go for bangs. You can let bangs hang over the front or gel them to stand up.

Picture of Jay Park mohawk hairstyle.
Jay Park mohawk hairstyle.

Photo of Jaebeom hair tattoo.
Jaebeom hair tattoo.

Pic of Park Jaebeom pompadour hairstyle.
Park Jaebeom pompadour hairstyle.

If you are serious about achieving Park Jaebeom hairstyles, you may need a little or a lot of preparation. See all of the different styles that he wears. This will give you a good idea of what you want. For the best results, take some images to a professional hairstylist and ask for that certain look.

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