Noah Munck Faux-hawk Hair

Photo of Noah Munck faux-hawk hairstyle.
Noah Munck hairstyle. Photo via nick.

The Noah Munck faux-hawk hair can also be worn as a short and casual hairdo. The young actor is best known for his role as Gibby in iCarly and as a young entrepreneur in charge of lawn care in TruGreen commercials. The hairdo design benefits him in two ways. First, it is a young look without being complicated or messy. In addition, this style helps to offset his very round facial shape.

As with many short styles, this becoming hairdo requires frequent and regular trims. In order to maintain the peak, styling gel will be necessary. Holding product also helps to make the locks shiny. The daily styling time is very short, only about ten minutes once a routine is established.

The actor’s strands are cut short on the sides and back, using a clipper. The edge is neat and blends smoothly into the somewhat longer top hairs. The cut for the crown of his head is layered so that it can be styled into the faux-mohawk design. The cut can also be designed into a more casual style, simply depending upon the way the top strands are arranged.

The style is more appropriate to a younger man. The ability of the design to make a round face look longer and thinner has already bee mentioned. Oval, triangular and heart-shaped face shapes can also take advantage of this style. It is appropriate for medium or fine hair texture.

The Noah Munck faux-mohawk hair look is a good choice for men of this age and facial shape. Since the daily styling work requires only a few minutes, the look is easy to maintain. Styling gel is used to smooth the sides and back of the head, while the top hair is lifted up and drawn into the distinctive spine of the Mohawk.

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