Men With Hair Transplants Not Always Satisfied

One of the most highly touted techniques for reversing hair loss is the transplantation of one’s own hair from the back of the head to the balding area. However, despite the photos used to advertise the procedure, not all men with hair transplants are satisfied with the results.

While transplantation helps to reverse the loss of hair from the top of the head, it does not necessarily address the problems that have lead to such loss. In fact, one of the most common elements that can lead to thinning is stress. Despite assurances of success, this is a surgical procedure that puts the body under stress. In addition, certain medications can contribute to the problem rather than the solution.

Certain genetic factors lead to a condition that has come to be called male pattern baldness. The primary mechanism that leads to this is a buildup in the follicles of the hormone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Transplantation does nothing to alleviate this problem.

Most men choose to attempt other methods of reversing balding before they submit to surgery. Topical medications such as minoxidil are normally the first line of defense. However, another medication, finasteride, is available for taking internally by prescription. Both of these medications work by blocking the bonding of DHT with the follicles.

Most men with hair transplants decided to go this route after they had tried medications and other methods of solving their problem. Many end up having two or three different sessions of grafts performed before they see positive results. In some rare cases, the stress of repeated procedures causes transplanted hair strands to fall out.

One thing that men should do before deciding on the surgical option to treating baldness is research the physicians offering this procedure in depth. Success rates and reports from previous patients can help one find the doctor most likely to achieve the desired results. Price should never be a consideration when considering this procedure.

While most men with hair transplants are completely satisfied with the results, there are some instances where the results do not meet expectations. Scarring, stress, and other factors can contribute to a failure of the procedure.

Diet and medication can create changes inside the body that can increase the chances of success. Whatever the reason for choosing surgery to remedy baldness, it is important to remember that no guarantees can be made that the results will be exactly what is expected or desired.

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