The Increasing Number Of Celebrity Hair Transplants

Photo of Jude Law hair transplant.
Jude Law hair transplant.

Hair loss is a fact of life for most men in the world. We all deal with it in our own ways. Some do nothing, some use medications such as minoxidil or finasteride, still others have transplants to restore their original hairline. Lately, there has been a sharp increase in the number of celebrity hair transplants.

Image is the primary reason behind this trend. For most of us, hair loss is an inconvenience. However, for some, especially those in the public eye, signs of aging such as baldness can lead to unemployment.

Actors are the most prominent group of celebrities for whom this is true. Prior to reaching a certain age, male actors who appear to be older due to baldness are less likely to be considered for many parts because they look too old, even if they are not.

In order to combat this trend, many actors seek out celebrity transplants each year. This has become such a growth industry that there are clinics that specialize in transplanting follicles for celebrities only. Many of these clinics have advanced their techniques to a point that allows them to transplant twice as many grafts in a single session as can be done in most restoration clinics.

This is because celebrities do not have the time to wait while the follicles are transplanted in smaller quantities. They need to have the transplants done and healed in order to be considered for that next big part.

Actors are not the only group of celebrities that worry over their image to the point of seeking out transplants routinely. Professional athletes are another group that must maintain their youthful appearance as long as possible. Most of these athletes retire from their chosen sports at a relatively young age compared to the general population’s retirement age.

However, these individuals do not want to start looking older due to baldness or thinning because this gives them the image of being too old to participate in their sport, whether they are or not. There are other celebrity groups for whom celebrity hair transplants are becoming more commonplace.

One advantage for the rest of us is that advances in technology used to help these people keep their image spotless and youthful will eventually filter out and become available to the rest of us who are experiencing hair loss as a part of the normal aging process. Talking to a professional who is knowledgeable in the different types of treatment and transplants available will be very helpful.

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  1. Transplant of hair is not a cure for growing long hair It depends on us how to get cure from it. It depends how we treat with our hair ok


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