Guidelines for Using Thinning Shears on Heavy Hair

Reports declare that at a common seven out of ten individuals have no knowledge about hairdressing – in case you are also among the seven people there is no need to be anxious. Simple hairdressing procedures like getting thinner hair can easily be done in your own home in certain easy ways. They can be employed on untamed, thick and wavy hair. Thinning shears make the tresses more workable and groom your own personal impression.

Thinning shears are a pair of scissors specifically created to slender out unruly locks without having to vary the hairdo. Beauty salon assistance for thinning hair could cost a lot of money; therefore it is much better to learn the strategies for utilizing shears.

These useful hairdressing tools are like almost every other pair of scissors; except they have got an additional set of comb-like pointy blades in them. These cutters run through your hair whilst simultaneously reducing a variety of it and leaving behind some hair, all in a single gash.

First, partition the hair into even parts of around three inches wide and lockdown with hair fasteners. Take out hair clips one after the other and trim out the locks simply following these actions:

Brush the portion of hair right after the removal of the hair clip and control the hair using a steady hand while you chop through it. Understand that there are several hair shears for different hair; in case your tresses are thicker then go for a set of scissors with fewer teeth.

Cut your hair through the middle; never go towards the roots or tips. While cutting, the top of your scissors must point upwards. Cut for a second time in a totally different position in which the shears are pointing towards the floor. Once you’re completed getting a thinner part of the hair, take the opportunity to check out it – just be sure you aren’t trimming a lot of hair.

In case your hair is rather chaotic and dense you could need to make use of thinning shears in a second-round yet again. If your hair is shorter, be extra careful to trim down through the center only.


Tricks and Tips

Some recommendations and steps ought to be noted to attain the best results:

  • In no way should you cut near the roots or around the ends to your hair. Always trim around the center of your hair.
  • Cut after due thought – be sure you do not chop of too much quantity of hair at once as this might give your hair a string-like appearance.
  • It is advised to thin out your hair just around 3 times every year, not more than that.
  • For particularly thick hair use thinning scissors with fewer numbers of teeth – the more teeth it has the less hair it’s going to cut off.
  • Spend on a good pair of thinning shears. An excellent set doesn’t just make sure of a superb thinning cut but also lasts more. The excellent quality of the apparatus is precisely proportional to the quality of your haircut.
  • Use hair clips to aid you in the process, particularly if have very long hair. This helps prevent repetitive chopping and makes sure that there is uniformity.

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I own a Saki Katana Thinning Shears which have super sharp blades made from Japanese stainless steel but I had no idea how to correctly use them for overly thick hair.


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